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wild {unknown} friday

This weeks card is a truly beautiful one! In The Wild Unknown the image depicts a strong and pure white tree against a pitch black night sky, illuminated only by a crescent moon. The tree is edged with glorious pink, purple and red blossom to represent fertility, femininity and abundance. The dark night sky suggests the mystery and shadows of the Divine Feminine and alludes to the power of intuition and inner wisdom.

The Empress also has a deep and sensual connection with life and nature, and a strong need for creative self expression and beauty in her life. This is a time to fully explore your world using the five senses: immerse yourself in a sensual maelstrom of soothing and harmonious sounds, delectable tastes and smells, the pure comfort of natural fibres, and the awe inspiring sights of the natural world.

wild {unknown} friday

The Pentacles represent the physical and material aspects of life, so the Father of Pentacles is someone who has dominion over the material world and through hard work, discipline and a conscientious attitude is able to create wealth, security and stability. This person has reached the pinnacle of prosperity and affluence and consequently is now able to take pride in their achievements and enjoy the luxury, abundance and sensuality derived from the fruits of their labour.

This person is skilled in wealth generation and never misses a business opportunity. The Father of Pentacles is strong and powerful and takes great pride in being an excellent provider who ensures the stability, security and protection of their loved ones.

The more negative aspects of this character which can sometimes be apparent are a tendency to be authoritative, controlling and domineering.

When The Father of Pentacles puts in an appearance it may be an indication that someone with these qualities may enter your life. It can also be a time when you will achieve the best results by incorporating the energies of this card into your projects!

wild {unknown} friday

The Daughter of Cups is at home in the watery realm of emotions and intuition. She always tends towards seeing the best in people, and is trusting and empathetic. Usually her faith in people is repaid, and she is surrounded by a circle of loyal loved ones and friends.

This person is very authentic, and not afraid to display their true self to the world. Her beautiful soul is reflected back to her by the rainbow ripples on the still pond, and this is what others recognise and feel when they are in her orbit. They can sense her gentle, kind nature, and feel safe to reveal themselves to her, knowing that she won’t judge them.

This week, you may come into contact with a gentle, intuitive soul who can help you to unravel a dilemma you are wrestling with. Alternatively you might be that person for someone else. Whichever way it plays out, remember that in the words of the song….”your true colours are beautiful like a rainbow“….and don’t be afraid to be fully your gorgeous, radiant self.

wild {unknown} friday

Something ‘out of the blue’ may happen this week…..a curve ball hurtling from left field taking you totally by surprise! When The Tower appears, although it may seem destructive, it is always because something built on shaky foundations needs to be swept aside to make room for new, more fitting circumstances. This can be an outer or inner phenomenon…..whichever, it allows new paradigms and ways of seeing to emerge.

wild {unknown} friday

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and weighed down by life, just do things step by step and one at a time. There is no urgency; just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t panic and fret about the how…..instead just remain in the now and keep moving in the direction of your goals, little by little. Eventually you will get there.

wild {unknown} friday

The Fool shows up when we are about to embark on a new adventure. This will require a leap of faith, and a step into the unknown. We will be called upon to trust that this adventure will take us where we need to go in life, even though to our rational brains what we are contemplating seems risky or even plain reckless.

The energy of The Fool card is all about the pure possibility and potential of the moment. We can stay safe by not stepping off the precipice into the unknown, but that way we will never fully immerse ourselves in all that life has to offer.

This card is a call to trust in the Universe to support you….it truly is a step into The Wild Unknown!

“Leap and the net will appear”

wild {unknown} friday

Don’t be afraid to shine this week if you find yourself centre stage with the spotlight turned on you! This isn’t the time to play the shrinking violet or hide your light under a bushel. Maybe you would prefer to keep a low profile and deflect the admiration coming your way? But this attention and acclaim is well deserved and attained through hard work and dedication, so step into your power and claim it!

wild {unknown} friday

This week the randomly chosen card is the Six of Wands. In this card a beautiful blue and green butterfly rises Phoenix like from a tangled heap of ‘wands’. This symbolises both literally and metaphorically a quiet, yet beautiful rise from struggle and adversity to freedom, hope and optimism. The butterfly leaves behind the destruction, debris and chaos of the recent past and rises victoriously to meet the future with an overwhelming sense of trust and positivity.

Like the butterfly, we may recently have undergone a painful metamorphosis, which will ultimately make us stronger, both individually and collectively. We have risen up against what felt like overwhelming odds, taking things one step at a time…..onwards and upwards, looking steadily towards a brighter future instead of focusing on the difficulty of the past. After a dark, horrible time, people and places have been transformed. A rebirth has taken place, releasing a fresh new energy and direction. Things are changed forever and we have discovered a new strength and resolve which will pave the way for a brighter future.

wild {unknown} friday

Well, what can I say about this card? At first sight it looks like the stuff of horror movies, with it’s discombobulated collection of eyeballs, maggots and jaw bone. When this card comes out it is usually an indication that there is a lot of worrying going on at present. This is the kind of worry that keeps us wide awake at night and seems far worse in the dark than in the light of day. These can be vague fears and worries which gnaw away at us leaving residual anxiety and a sense of vulnerability. Often they are more of an internal product of the mind rather than based on anything real out there in the world, but nevertheless can cause disturbed sleep in the form of insomnia or nightmares and be magnified to frightening proportions. Sometimes problems are over analysed and picked apart causing undue stress and worry. This is the kind of energy which has us embroiled in an overactive imagination which churns out terrifying visions and worst case scenarios.

These deepest, darkest fears can spill over into our everyday lives filling us with a sense of unease and forbodeing.
If you are experiencing this kind of unsettling mental unrest at the moment the best thing to do is to try and get a few good nights sleep ( which I know is easier said than done!). If you can manage this it will help to get these rampaging negative thoughts under control and hopefully give you a sense of perspective. Remember with this card that a lot of the fears and worries are likely to be a product of your own mind and don’t necessarily have any basis in reality. Often our imagination can be our own worst enemy, and if we can avoid getting overtired, over stressed and rundown, then this will go a long way towards curbing these negative excesses of the mind.

wild {unknown} friday

The Six of Swords is a card about transitioning from a place of stress and worry to a calmer place where peace of mind can be restored.

Sometimes it can seem that we are trapped in a situation that we know is doing is no favours, but it can be scary and disorientating to move forward. Often we feel that it is “better the devil we know” even though if we are truly honest with ourselves we will acknowledge that staying in this situation is self destructive and damaging.

We can find ourselves stuck in many circumstances that no longer serve us, whether that is a job, a relationship or a location. The longer we remain paralysed by fear of the unknown and afraid to move forward, the more likely it is that the stress and anxiety this engenders will progress to depression. Once this happens it is even more difficult to clamber out of the trap we have fallen into as we then are bogged down even further in the lethargy and hopelessness of despondency.

The rainbow overarching the card is a promise however that things can only get better if we can find the courage to move forward. Even if we only take “baby steps” we will eventually find ourselves in a much more hopeful and positive place. It is challenging and scary to move out of our comfort zone, but necessary for our long term future happiness.