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wild {unknown} friday

The Three of Cups is a beautiful, celebratory card. It depicts the community and support available when you find your “tribe” and have a sense of belonging. This week is a great time to strengthen the connections of friendship and camaraderie in your life, and appreciate the support freely given in difficult times. Ultimately this card sends a message that all will be well, as the beautiful rosy colours of oranges, pinks and reds create a backdrop of well-being and reassurance.

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Three of Cups


I love it when I come across a literal representation of a tarot card! Today it was the Three of Cups and the sense of friendship, conviviality and shared history which this card symbolises. It’s just three mates, hanging out together and enjoying each other’s company; old, established friendships where each person can just be themselves and feel relaxed and at ease. What could be nicer!

The Rembrants ~ Theme from Friends