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wild {unknown} friday

The Fountain Tarot – Three of Coins

The Three of Coins from The Fountain Tarot is a reminder that help is at hand!

As you can see, the central character in this card is holding the weight of the world on his shoulders. If you look carefully though, in the top corners there are the arms of two other people helping to lighten the load.

This week it would be useful to think about what we bring to the table, in terms of our strengths and skill set, and to consider where it would be appropriate to collaborate with others to augment our abilities where required.

We can achieve so much more when we pool our resources with others. Sometimes, a feat which would be impossible to pull off entirely by ourselves, is made doable when we join forces with others who are able to dovetail with our skill sets. The synergy of a team of people, all working towards the same end, can create results far more spectacular than anything we could manage alone.

So, this week think about where you can enlist the help of others to make big things happen!

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛