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wild {unknown} friday

When The World Card comes up, it is usually signifying the end of a major life cycle, and the beginning of something new. It also talks about accomplishment and achievement, and the need to overcome obstacles and challenges to reach the end goal. All these experiences have made you stronger and wiser, and now you are in the perfect place to move on to the next stage of your life.

It also reminds us that our life and experiences are created from the inside out. First we must be able to visualise what we want to create, and then we can bring it into being in the tangible world. This is why it’s vital to keep our thoughts positive and uplifted as much as we can.

As within so without.

As above so below.

Daily Card ~ The World

You may be feeling on top of the world today, having achieved a long awaited aim. You feel complete and as if you can rest for awhile and enjoy the fruits of your labour before moving on to your next challenge. The world is your oyster now so don’t be afraid to aim high. As the saying goes….”aim for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

Daily Card ~ The World

The World symbolises the completion of something and the beginning of something new. Life is an ever evolving spiral dance where we slough off the old in order to embrace the new. The rainbow colours around the outer circle signify positive new developments, and the stars sparkling in the night sky remind us to never lose hope or wonder. Always remember to wish upon a star and have faith that your dreams will come true.