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wild {unknown} friday

The Sun card in the tarot speaks of joy, radiance and warmth. It is an exceptionally positive, uplifting symbol, illuminating a need to have confidence and optimism in life and in yourself. 
The Sun is life giving and life affirming, but in too large a dose is also destructive and harmful. This is a metaphor for maintaining a sense of balance. The Sun’s energy has to work in conjunction with the position of our beautiful blue marble of a planet to create paradise. Any further away and it would be too cold to sustain life, and any nearer and we’d be burnt to a frazzle! 
Although we often complain in the UK that we don’t see enough of the sun, this means that it’s imperative to spend as much time as we can outside to bask in the healing energy of the sun whenever the opportunity arises. It gives us a sense of freedom, focus and clarity and helps to illuminate our path. This is a time to make sure that we don’t stray into the darkness, but instead bask in the warmth and radiance of our true light and power. Find your inner peace and then spread joy, peace and love to the four corners of the earth. 
The Sun declares that you CAN do whatever your heart desires. At this time, you have the vision, will and confidence to go after your deepest aspirations and passions. So let the sun inspire you and ignite your imagination to create the life you have always craved, and which you so richly deserve.

Daily Draw – The Sun


The Sun! One of the most overwhelmingly positive and auspicious cards in the tarot deck.

Just one look at this card says it all really. The beautiful warm, radiant colours emanating from the centre speak of vibrancy and vitality. The little birds at each corner look as if they are soaring with the joy and exhilaration of freedom and spontaneity. All is well with the world. The Sun has most definitely got his hat on and he’s coming out to play!

This card is a symbol of hope, happiness and positivity. Whatever issues you are grappling with, things can only get better!

Things can only get better – D:ream