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wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly drawn card is the Page of Swords from The Starchild Tarot.
When this card appears it usually means that a new project of venture is on the horizon which fills you with a sense of enthusiasm and passion. This is something exciting which you are itching to get your teeth into. Often there will be some kind of risk involved, but this is one of those occasions where you shouldn’t be afraid to take a leap of faith as you have the energy and potential to pull this off!
Alternatively this card could refer to a person who may make an appearance in your life this week, or it could be a message that you will achieve the best outcome by taking on the character traits of the Page of Swords. This person is highly perceptive and discerning. Nothing escapes them, and they are known for their sense of vision and clarity. They are able to absorb information like a sponge, and can also process and understand complex ideas and concepts. This week, like the Page of Swords, you will achieve your best results if you adhere to a strict code of truth, straightforwardness and direct, honest communication. The more convoluted things become the more you will tie yourself up in knots, so keep a sense of simple clarity in all your dealings.
A more negative manifestation of this energy may be found in someone who is full of great ideas, none of which ever come to fruition. Sometimes the Page of Swords type can be swept along on a wave of wild enthusiasm, but their plans never see the light of day as they are not prepared to put in the practical steps and work, to make their vision a reality. In order to manifest anything we need both the spark of inspiration and the relevant action.
Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛