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Daily Draw – The Seven of Pentacles


The Seven of Pentacles is a card all about putting in the hard work and then waiting patiently for the results to appear.

This is a bit like planting seeds in the garden. Once we have done the work of preparing the soil, planting the seeds and ensuring that they are watered, we know that we have given the seeds the optimum conditions to grow. All we can then do is remain patient, continue to nurture the seeds and then have faith that we have done enough to produce the results we are hoping for.

If we grow impatient and dig the seeds up to see if there is any sign of them sprouting, we will have undone all our diligent work and ruined our chances of success.

To me, this card is about playing the long game. We are not going to get immediate gratification on this project. Instead, it is about setting things up so that we have the best possible chance of success in the future.