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wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly selected card is the Five of Swords depicting an earth worm which has been severed in two….a disturbing and repulsive image in equal measure.
Because swords represent the mind, thoughts and conflict, we can see that this card shows the negative consequences which can result when we become embroiled in power struggles and hostility with others. For me, the phrase which immediately springs to mind is that we may have ‘won the battle but lost the war’. This card can depict a situation where we may want to win at all costs, but end up being the loser because we have alienated and angered others leading to isolation and ostracism. It is vital that we pick our battles and don’t become involved in conflicts simply to get our own way, prove we’re right or because we feel challenged or threatened by another person. 
This card symbolises a complete breakdown in communication leading to the severing of ties and relationships. We can also see that the earth worm has been torn asunder; this is not a clean cut but a jagged and messy wound which will take a long time to heal. This is a deep betrayal driven by spite and pettiness leading to loss and defeat. It seems that in our need to win or be right we have become our own worst enemy and quite literally ‘cut off our nose to spite our face’.
The Five of Swords can also point to self destructive behaviour and thoughts. Instead of cutting and aggressive language and communication being directed at another, perhaps we have turned this on ourselves in a self sabotaging, critical diatribe which leaves us cowed and bludgeoned into submission. Examine your self-talk and choices to see if you are indeed betraying yourself and being your own worst enemy.

Daily Draw – The Five of Swords


Something strange happened this morning. I shuffled my Wild Unknown deck and chose a card for the daily draw. Just before I turned the card over, an image flashed into my mind and I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be strange if the image on the card was the one I’d just thought of?” Low and behold, I flipped the card over and it was in fact the Five of Swords….the card that had emblazoned itself across my brain milliseconds earlier! This makes me think that the message of this card has something important to impress on me today. So, what is the interpretation of this card?

Because the swords are all about the mind, the thoughts and communication, this card shows where our thinking might be getting us into trouble. This card seems to describe a situation where we are fighting a futile battle which will end up “biting us on the bum”. The phrase “is it better to be right or happy?” springs to mind, as I see this as one of those situations where neither party will back down as it is more important to their individual egos to prove something rather than preserve the harmony in the relationship. Sometimes it is more important to pick your battles and question whether it is really worth the aggro caused, just to prove a point. Sometimes it is better to just let things go; when you look back in a few years time will this conflict really be important, or will you have simply “cut off your nose to spite your face” and created more problems for yourself?

This card can also relate to an internal conflict or battle. Sometimes our own thoughts can be turned against us, with a stream of negative self talk which constantly attacks and berates us for our perceived mistakes and shortcomings. We can often be far more vitriolic towards ourselves than anyone else would ever be. This shows the self destructive aspect of this card which can cause just as much damage as any external conflict with another person. Consider whether you are sabotaging your own happiness and peace of mind by your own negative thinking?