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Daily Draw – The Daughter of Pentacles


Yesterday I drew the Son of Pentacles and knew intuitively that the card was veering towards the more negative, shadow side of it’s meaning.

This morning I have drawn The Daughter of Pentacles and I am getting a much more positive vibe from this card.

It looks as if the little fawn is just emerging from her dark cave and venturing into the big wide world for the first time. She looks wide eyed with the anticipation of all the exciting things she is going to be presented with out there. The rainbow overarching the whole scene confirms that she is safe and gives her confidence to explore her new environment in all it’s possibility and glory.

Drawing this card today has given me encouragement that the best way forward for me is to emerge from my cave, which in my case is my home…..the only place I have felt a sense of safety and security in recent times. It’s time for me to go forth again into the world, to experience the beauty out there and interact with my fellow human beings. It’s a big world out there and instead of witnessing it from my window I need to be out there in the thick of it again, truly living and breathing amongst the myriad expressions of life on our beautiful planet.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feeling good!