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wild {unknown} friday

So, here we are already in 2017! Welcome back to my weekly tarot readings….intended to give a flavour of the upcoming week. This time I am using the Gaian Tarot and drew the Ten of Fire.
This card points to a situation where we probably feel that events or situations have got a bit out of hand. Maybe it feels as if a wild fire is rampaging uncontrollably through your life. Perhaps things feel as if they are moving too fast and you just want to call a halt while you catch your breath and reevaluate?
Sometimes though, the purging nature of a blazing inferno is actually, metaphorically speaking, just what we need in our life. It may feel as if all our best laid plans are being reduced to ashes, but often when this happens it is because this is the only way to raze things to ground zero in order that we can rebuild something more meaningful and fitting for our lives.
Although after a forest fire it often seems as if everything has been destroyed and laid to waste, it is a vital process in order to clear away old undergrowth and debris. If we are patient and trust, it is surprising how quickly fresh, new green shoots start to flourish in the ashes of the aftermath. Indeed, some species of tree such as the Lodgepole pine require exposure to high temperature in order to release their seeds. Perhaps we can think of these times in our own life as providing the catharsis to become more creative in forging a more rewarding path?
We too sometimes require extreme measures in order to relinquish old hopes and dreams which are no longer in alignment with our highest good. Once all the old and outdated stuff has been eradicated we can focus on rebuilding something more fitting and meaningful for our life now.
Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛