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wild {unknown} friday

New beginnings in the emotional sphere may become apparent today. Even relationships that you thought had breathed their last might suddenly, miraculously spring back to life, stronger and deeper than they have ever been before. A refreshing wind is blowing through your life and taking any cobwebs and stuck, stale energy away in its wake. Emotional and creative endeavours have the potential to get a whole lot better!

wild {unknown} friday

This week I am using the Tarot of the Hidden Realm for the weekly reading, and the card I have drawn is the Four of Swords.

This card describes a situation I am sure we have all been in, when confusion and entanglement in our thoughts threatens to overwhelm us. It seems that the more we try to apply logic and rational thought to a problem the deeper in the mire we sink. When your mind is too busy and troubled, thoughts become muddled like a cat playing with a ball of yarn….the more you turn the thoughts round and round your mind, the tighter and more unyielding the knots become. 

So, the solution to this situation is to Stop. Breathe. Quiet your mind. Do nothing!

Wait until the fog clears and clarity arrives. The best way to achieve this sense of calm is via meditation and reflection.

 In this card the blue butterflies symbolise transformation and metamorphosis. The colour blue represents calm, serenity, clarity, communication and gentleness. Invite divine peace and inspiration to bring clarity, far sightedness, and uncover solutions to problems which seemed insurmountable. Trust yourself and your own judgement, and this will help you to see the bigger picture.

The ivy entwined around the girls hair symbolises determination, strength and tenacity ~ the ability to flourish and grow, and the faith to know that we can overcome any difficulties and hardships we have to deal with by going within and trusting our innate inner wisdom.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛