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wild {unknown} friday

Today’s randomly drawn card is the Ten of Swords…..a particularly disturbing image, especially in the Wild Unknown deck. Before I go any further I would just like to reiterate that tarot is a metaphorical language, and so although it is an horrific image, it’s purpose is to draw attention to and highlight the darker aspects of human nature and the psyche. If we turn a blind eye to suffering and injustice how can we expect to change it and grow?
There are various ways to see this card. It can be interpreted as a ‘dark night of the soul’, in the sense that we have reached rock bottom and now the only way is up. It reminds me of a quote by Oscar Wilde ~ “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”. It can indicate that the lowest point has now been reached. This phase is over and it is time to get ready for something new. We can view this state of affairs as all doom and gloom, or we can adopt the cup half full attitude and choose to believe that the worst is over. Sometimes this card can even be hinting that we are being a touch melodramatic…..are things truly as bad as they seem, or could it be the case that we are not perceiving the problem with clarity? Confusion can make it impossible to see which way to proceed and often we can be blinded by the seeming enormity of issues which appear insurmountable. 
Of course it could refer to something altogether darker. As I have already alluded to, tarot is metaphorical, and in this card the bull represents strength, dominance, toughness and ferocity which has been taken down by thoughts, ideas and words symbolised by the swords. This shows the ways in which we hurt each other with our thoughts, judgements and self righteousness, and how we can quash the spirit of others, no matter how strong they may appear on the outside. Human beings have an ugly tendency to gang up on and bully those who are different….who threaten their own sense of self just by being who they are. 
This card exposes the darker side of human nature. It shows how we can destroy the spirit of others when we allow the lowest, most base aspect of ourselves to take control, or when we encourage or join forces with others to do the same. This card is a warning that we must not look away; it is only when we acknowledge the worst and recognise it in ourselves and others that we can take action for positive change. 
“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it” ~ Game of Thrones, George R.R Martin

Daily Draw – Death


The Death card can be quite scary, particularly in some Tarot decks where it is depicted as a Grim Reaper type character with all the associations that comes with. In The Wild Unknown the card depicts a skeletal bird which seems to float like a spectre or ghost. There are still a few feathers remaining on it’s bleached white bones. Whenever I look at this card however, the feathers always look more like leaves or ferns which are starting to sprout from the dead bird. To me this speaks of the true meaning of this card which is about a metaphorical death and rebirth. Often we have to let go of something that is no longer serving us in order to allow new and fresh opportunities to come to us. This can be a scary thing to do, but once a situation has irretrievably died sometimes the only way forward is to face up to this, let go, and move forward into the new.

Daily Draw – The Six of Cups


It seems that this card is a familiar friend at the moment as it has made an appearance several times recently.

Today, I feel that it is about nostalgia and tapping into the magic and richness of the past. Recently I have become somewhat out of touch with the pursuits and pastimes which used to bring me joy.

So I thought I would delve into the past and reconnect with the things I used to love as a child and teenager. Maybe I can bring some of these fun things into my present day reality? I have decided that I am going to commit to an “actual action” each day prompted by the card I draw. Hopefully this will precipitate real change in my life as opposed to just a nice intellectual idea which is never acted upon!

So, what did I love as a kid? In no particular order…….

Dancing; make believe; writing; music; nature; dressing up; makeup; playing outside; fairies; magic; colour; photography; tarot; astrology; cooking; reading; sunshine; roller skating; daydreaming; planning things; picnics; parties; socialising; talking; holidays; Christmas; camping; bonfires; beaches!

It’s not an exhaustive list, but I think there’s a few things on there which I can immediately put into practice……starting NOW!