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wild {unknown} friday

The Six of Swords is a card about transitioning from a place of stress and worry to a calmer place where peace of mind can be restored.

Sometimes it can seem that we are trapped in a situation that we know is doing is no favours, but it can be scary and disorientating to move forward. Often we feel that it is “better the devil we know” even though if we are truly honest with ourselves we will acknowledge that staying in this situation is self destructive and damaging.

We can find ourselves stuck in many circumstances that no longer serve us, whether that is a job, a relationship or a location. The longer we remain paralysed by fear of the unknown and afraid to move forward, the more likely it is that the stress and anxiety this engenders will progress to depression. Once this happens it is even more difficult to clamber out of the trap we have fallen into as we then are bogged down even further in the lethargy and hopelessness of despondency.

The rainbow overarching the card is a promise however that things can only get better if we can find the courage to move forward. Even if we only take “baby steps” we will eventually find ourselves in a much more hopeful and positive place. It is challenging and scary to move out of our comfort zone, but necessary for our long term future happiness.

Daily Card ~ Six of Swords´╗┐

Life may have felt like one big struggle recently with no means of escape. It is as if you have been trapped in the bottom of a dark dank pit with relentless rain soaking you to the bone. But now the clouds are just starting to part and the sun is peeping through and producing a magnificent rainbow. The beautiful thing about rainbows is that they require both sunshine and rain in equal measure. Just as in life we are unable to experience joy if we have never known sadness. Things are now starting to look up and there is hope on the horizon. You are moving in a positive direction towards happiness again.