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Daily Draw – Four of Wands


Hmmm…..what to make of this card? I’ve left it until later on today to write about it just in case there were any last minute wedding or pregnancy announcements that might make it more relevant. But it seems that isn’t going to happen now, so how else might I apply this card to my day?

Well, I did have a bit of a spat with my daughter a couple of days ago, but as of today we have resolved things and hopefully harmony reigns supreme again.

There are still some minor worries praying on my mind, but hopefully this card would suggest that things will work themselves out and life can settle into a period of peace, harmony and stability. Here’s hoping so.

Daily Draw – Three of Pentacles


Daily Card – Three of Pentacles

It’s interesting that since the beginning of the year virtually all the cards that I’ve drawn have been either Major Arcana or Pentacles cards! Is this reinforcing that big changes are coming, and the way to get the best results is through practical application and hard work? It seems that the time for contemplation is over and action is very much the order of the day now. So, onto today’s card, the Three of Pentacles……

In the Dame Darcy deck there is a different symbolism to the Rider Waite where it is seen as being very much about collaboration. This card speaks to me more about the need to collaborate or co-create with the Universe.

The mermaid is portrayed as a sculptor creating something beautiful and lasting. She is putting all her skills to work, chipping away at the block of stone and honing and perfecting her expertise as she goes. This says to me that now is the time to get stuck in and “just do it”. Don’t worry about being good enough as with hard work and practice I will improve as I go along.

This card confirms once again that the time for studying has passed and now the best results can be achieved by “doing”. It is telling me to do something that I love; something where time stands still and I feel in the zone and going with the flow of life! This will fill me with spiritual riches and fulfilment. It is also hinting that by doing this thing…..tarot, in my case….abundance and material reward will follow, as symbolised by the open treasure chest full of coins on the seabed.

I am excited to receive this card today in confirmation that I am heading in the right direction and on the right path.

Daily Draw – The Wheel of Fortune


Today’s card is the Wheel of Fortune. Initially I wasn’t sure what to make of this card, however I do think that it is a positive card taken in conjunction with the two other Major Arcana cards, The Fool and The Star which I received in the first days of 2015.

Maybe it’s message is that we cannot always control outside circumstances, but we can control how we respond to them? Life is a series of ups and downs and it’s important to stay optimistic and have faith in the Universe. We can use meditation and visualisation to assist and reinforce our intention to manifest abundance, good fortune and prosperity and help to create the right outcomes in our lives.

In my own life I have a strong sense that I have reached a turning point or pivotal time in my life. After several years of feeling powerless I now feel a new resurgence of positivity that I can turn my life around this year by putting into practice the action steps and goals that I have been working on since the New Year. We can’t stop the wheel turning but hopefully we can influence how long we remain in the doldrums by harnessing the power of our minds to remain optimistic and empowered to take control of our own lives as much as is possible.

Daily Draw – Page of Pentacles


Once again I have been amazed and stunned by the accuracy and relevance of the card I have drawn today, which is the Page of Pentacles.

I decided to devote some time today to completing another section of my Leonie Dawson, Create Your Shining Year Workbook 2015……the section on habits which I want to establish this year!

What card could be a more perfect portrayal for this process than the Page of Pentacles, especially in this deck where the page is seen as a fresh faced youth, against a tranquil blue background. The card seems to be saying, “get clear on your goals”. Take a calm, clear moment to plan your new beginnings and way forward towards future success.

I read somewhere…..”Do not just think it, ink it!”, which is exactly what I have been doing today, by getting down, on paper, new habits and resolutions to start the year on a positive note, and increase personal wellbeing, health and energy in 2015.

It has been a very Page of Pentacles kinda day as I have tried to focus on actual practical and tangible steps, which are do-able, realistic and achievable. Hopefully I have come up with a common sense and pragmatic approach to take baby steps, which if done consistently on a daily basis will achieve real and lasting results!

Only time will tell how effective my plan of action is. This time next year I’ll let you know how I got on, and if I’ve been transformed into a shiny new and improved version of myself!

Daily Draw – Queen of Pentacles


It was with some amusement that I started to list the attributes of The Queen of Pentacles as practical, earthy and hardworking, and then realised that I have been working today at a shop called Earth Spirit!

This shop could be made for the Queen of Pentacles as all the merchandise reflects the beauty and richness of the earth. There are books about trees and songbirds; an array of mesmerising crystals and stones from the belly of the Earth itself; there are beautiful pictures depicting Goddesses and mythical creatures. I can’t think of anywhere that the Queen of Pentacles would be more at home!

Anyway, this is where I have been working today. I have swept and tidied and cleaned the glass display cabinets. Then I got to work on creating a display table with the theme of midwinter, to show off some of the beautiful items on sale which reflect the cold and icy season.

Although I don’t always relate easily to the Queen of Pentacles, today it was the perfect card to describe the energies of the day.

Daily Draw – Seven of Cups


Today’s Daily Card, the Seven of Cups is all about choices. Sometimes it can appear that there are so many choices that it can feel overwhelming and immobilising. What to choose? With so many tantalising options we must remember that “all that glitters is not gold”. Some of the most desirable looking options may turn out to be a poison chalice. Do we want fame and recognition, beauty, wealth, wisdom or the mystery prize shrouded in secrecy? Be careful what you wish for as you might just get it!

This is a time to focus and get clear on what I really want and then stop daydreaming and bring my dreams into reality. Until I do this all those beguiling options are nothing more than “pie in the sky”. Time to get real; what am I working towards? What do I want to achieve? I need to base my decision on the answers to these questions and then concentrate on working towards these goals and putting my dreams into action. I think that the best way to do this is to “follow my bliss”, always being authentic and true to myself. If it feels right then hopefully I will not stray from my true path.

Daily Draw – Queen of Wands & Ace of Swords


This morning I asked for guidance regarding my gifts and talents. I wanted to know which strengths I had which could be put to use in the world with best effect, both for myself and others. The Queen of Wands and The Ace of Swords literally shot out of the pack with a force and gusto which immediately indicated their resonance with the question I had just asked!

Firstly the Queen of Wands speaks to me of enthusiasm, warmth, positivity and inspiration. This queen is bursting with a vivid radiance, exuberance and creativity which she brings to bear on all her projects. Her life force is palpable and she can’t help but motivate and inspire others to be their best selves. This is the energy which I need to bring to my connections with others in 2015.

The second card that leapt from the pack shrieking “me, me, me!” was The Ace of Swords. This card imbues me with the sense that this year is all about communication, whether that be via the written word, face to face or connecting with like minded people online. Whereas 2014 was a very introspective “Hermit” year for me, this year tells me that it is time to get out there and share my gifts with others. Instead of sitting on the sidelines of life it is my time to fully immerse myself in connecting and networking…..sharing my experiences and what I have learned in my life so far. Although 2014 was a navel gazing year, my natural inclination has always been to reach out to others and help them in whatever small way I can. This year it is time to make use of my friendly, approachable nature in combination with communication and people skills to really try and make a difference! Bring it on!

Daily Draw – The Ace of Swords

The card I have picked today is The Ace of Swords. This is the card of sudden flashes of insight and clarity. Maybe you have been wrestling with a thorny issue or problem for some time, and then suddenly, like a bolt from the blue the answer is presented to you in a wholly formed flash of inspiration. You wonder why this perfect solution had never occurred to you before…..but here it is, flawless in it’s creative simplicity!

If you get a sudden, lightening bolt of inspiration today be sure to make a note of it as it could be just the solution you’ve been searching for!


Daily Draw – The Empress


Today’s card is a truly beautiful one! In The Wild Unknown the image depicts a strong and pure white tree against a pitch black night sky, illuminated only by a crescent moon. The tree is edged with glorious pink, purple and red blossom to represent fertility, femininity and abundance.

The dark night sky suggests the mystery and shadows of the Divine Feminine and alludes to the power of intuition and inner wisdom.

The Empress also has a deep and sensual connection with life and nature, and a strong need for creative self expression and beauty in her life. This is a time to fully explore your world using the five senses: immerse yourself in a sensual maelstrom of soothing and harmonious sounds, delectable tastes and smells, the pure comfort of natural fibres to keep out the Wintet chill, and the awe inspiring sights of the natural world.

The Sensual World – Kate Bush

Daily Draw – The Ten of Swords


This card signifies that something is coming to an end. It is time to let go of whatever it is and move on. The light at the top of the card represents a new dawn and the beginning of fresh new opportunities.

This card, in The Wild Unknown also talks to me of something unseen; this can either be because another person is keeping you in the dark about something, or because you yourself are choosing or refusing to look at an issue in your life. There is a suggestion that someone else is betraying you by stabbing you in the back, or again you may be turning this self-destructive tendency on yourself and being your own worst enemy by refusing to recognise something that really needs to be addressed.