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The Spacious Tarot ~ Guardian of Wands

During Lockdown, each week I have been asking the question….”how can I use my time most productively?”. It has been interesting to see the progression in my consciousness as the weeks have rolled by.

Initially the cards were indicating to me that it was time to slow down, take stock and reevaluate my life. When all this was over, how did I envisage my “new normal”? I discovered that there were certain aspects of my life which I had no desire to rush back to. During this period of getting clear on my future vision I found that I was utilising many tools which help me to access deeper levels of consciousness, such as tarot, meditation, and journaling.

The next phase, for me, involved looking back to the past to see which aspects of my life had been placed on the back burner, but should now be reintegrated into my life. I found that I was using technologies such as Zoom and FaceTime to reconnect with many old friends, and it dawned on me that this was something I definitely wanted to continue to do in the future. I couldn’t believe that it had taken this pandemic to remind me to utilise these amazing tools which I had at my disposal!

I also rediscovered my love of walking in nature. If I’m honest, I had never really forgotten about this love, but I had certainly forgotten to make time for it. I am lucky to have beautiful places to explore right on my doorstep, and the sense of freedom, expansion and inspiration was a welcome antidote to the cabin fever of lockdown.

So, on to this week’s card….The Guardian (or Queen) of Wands. This is most definitely a card of action and dynamism. For me, it exhorts me to get moving again, to take some action towards my goals and vision. This will be many different things to different people, but in my life it has translated into quite literally getting my house in order. I have cleaned and polished; ordered and decluttered. I have felt, quite literally, that the time for navel gazing has passed, and a new active phase is underway. Cooking has always felt like one of life’s sensual pleasures to me, and I have loved creating some new recipes, and baking a sublime Venetian Lemon cake. I have also done a weekly yoga class via Zoom, and got together with family and friends to participate in a YouTube virtual Pub Quiz.

I feel as if I have rediscovered many old loves and lives during this period of enforced retreat from the world, and am grateful for many precious blessings to carry forward into the future.

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Caro Tarot

Daily Draw – Queen of Wands & Ace of Swords


This morning I asked for guidance regarding my gifts and talents. I wanted to know which strengths I had which could be put to use in the world with best effect, both for myself and others. The Queen of Wands and The Ace of Swords literally shot out of the pack with a force and gusto which immediately indicated their resonance with the question I had just asked!

Firstly the Queen of Wands speaks to me of enthusiasm, warmth, positivity and inspiration. This queen is bursting with a vivid radiance, exuberance and creativity which she brings to bear on all her projects. Her life force is palpable and she can’t help but motivate and inspire others to be their best selves. This is the energy which I need to bring to my connections with others in 2015.

The second card that leapt from the pack shrieking “me, me, me!” was The Ace of Swords. This card imbues me with the sense that this year is all about communication, whether that be via the written word, face to face or connecting with like minded people online. Whereas 2014 was a very introspective “Hermit” year for me, this year tells me that it is time to get out there and share my gifts with others. Instead of sitting on the sidelines of life it is my time to fully immerse myself in connecting and networking…..sharing my experiences and what I have learned in my life so far. Although 2014 was a navel gazing year, my natural inclination has always been to reach out to others and help them in whatever small way I can. This year it is time to make use of my friendly, approachable nature in combination with communication and people skills to really try and make a difference! Bring it on!