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Daily Draw – The Star


Today’s card is The Star! Another beautiful card that promises that wishes will come true. After The Fool yesterday, this speaks to me of taking chances and opportunities; of seizing the day! This will be the way to make things happen this year and follow the path to my own North Star. Dreams can finally become a reality in 2015 and hope springs eternal. These two cards in tandem are an amazingly positive omen and give me a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to embark on the next phase of my journey; a adventure that will hopefully take me to some awesome new places, people and circumstances!

Daily Draw – The Lovers


This is a beautiful card, depicted in The Wild Unknown Tarot as a pair of geese flying in harmony and unison towards a shared goal. Geese, like swans, are known to mate for life and so the symbolism of this card has a clear message of union, trust, partnership and a beautiful soul mate connection.

This is a relationship based on shared values, mutual attraction and desire, compromise and working together as an invincible team.

This partnership is far more than just a “flash in the pan” attraction which burns out just as quickly. This is something meaningful and long lasting with commitment, contentment and a deep sustaining happiness woven into it’s very fabric.