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Daily Draw – Knight of Swords


I started this year with high hopes and enthused with great positivity and a sense of the myriad possibilities open to me. I’m not sure what has happened in the twenty one days since then, but already I feel despondent and demotivated; almost as if, who was I kidding to think 2015 would be any different?

This morning I have drawn The Knight of Swords. This feels like a rallying cry to get back on the horse (dolphin!) and set off again in pursuit of my goals. The Knight is perceived as a go-getter. He is proactive, focused, and some would say aggressive, as he hones in on what he wants to achieve and goes for it! He is single minded and brings all of his energy and exuberance and power to bear to make things happen in his life. In this card you can sense the speed at which he is travelling forwards and the great energy he brings to any task he decides to zero in on.

This laser like concentration appears to energise both the Knight and the dolphin, who look as if they are both having fun as they race towards their target with a single minded vision and passion.

Maybe my lesson today is that I have taken on too many different goals that I want to achieve in 2015, resulting in me scattering my focus and intent, and feeling bogged down and overwhelmed. I think I need to choose the one I’m most passionate about and then pursue it wholeheartedly and single mindedly. That one true passion is tarot, so I commit to drawing a card each day and blogging about it, whether anyone else cares to read what I have to say about it or not; I will doggedly do this on a daily basis…..no matter what.