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Daily Draw – King of Wands


Today I have once again drawn the King of Wands. My first thought was that I am still in the dark about something at the moment, due to the fact that the right side of the King’s face is concealed in shadow. It is as if he is looking up to the heavens above in order to receive inspiration or insight. Maybe something in my own life is unclear and shrouded in darkness? Perhaps the only way to access new information is by looking to intuition and imagination for answers that may not be forthcoming by any other means.

Daily Draw – King of Wands


I am thinking of this card as a continuation of yesterday’s theme about discovering the skills I could put to use to both earn a living and have a fulfilling and rewarding life

The King’s face is partially “in the dark”, suggesting that the way forward is not yet completely clear. The other half of his face looks as if he has literally “seen the light”; as if he has had a moment of illumination or a “light bulb moment” concerning his life or journey.

This feels rather like me at the moment. I have had some revelations about my direction and purpose but on the other hand I feel that there is still much that is shrouded in darkness. As the King of Wands is all about inspiration and intuition I do feel that the answers I seek are within. This card seems to suggest the duality between light and dark, conscious and unconscious, and the thin veil between the two. Because the King of Wands is also an active character however maybe the best way forward is to actively engage in processes that encourage these unconscious impulses and sense of knowing to rise to the surface.