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wild {unknown} friday

The Spacious Tarot – Nine of Wands

This week’s card is The Nine of Wands from The Spacious Tarot. The Nine’s are all about nearing the end of a cycle, before the culmination and new beginning symbolised by the Ten’s.

In the Nine of Wands we may feel exhausted and depleted with the challenges we have faced. It has been a long arduous path and we may be on the verge of giving up and throwing in the towel.

In this card, we see a rose at the end of a long path, where there have been many deviations, crossroads and challenges. We have been knocked off course many times, and travelled down dead ends, and convoluted paths, only to find that we need to retrace our steps to get back on the right road.

However, the rose symbolises love, peace, beauty and unity, and we are so nearly there now. If we just keep going, even when we feel totally depleted and as if we have no strength left, then we will finally reach this destination we are striving for, and all our struggles and the challenging situations we have faced will be worthwhile.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

The Spacious Tarot – Four of Wands

The Four of Wands often appears when there is a reason to celebrate! This feels like music to our ears after all the bad news and tragedy of the last few months.

The wands are alight…like bonfire night sparklers, showing us the way. Passing under their shimmering archway transports us into a new and magical space. We don’t fully appreciate yet the goodness and abundance we are heading towards, but we feel certain that we are entering better times, as the card seems to beckon us towards a galaxy of sparkling possibility.

This card can also herald a special right of passage, and the announcement of good news. It could be a myriad of happy occasions such as a birth, pregnancy announcement, special birthday or marriage.

The Four of Wands is certainly a very positive card, and augurs well for any new project which launches around this time. It is a beacon of light in what has been a very challenging, and at times, hopeless and despairing period in all our lives.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛

Daily Draw – Four of Wands


Hmmm…..what to make of this card? I’ve left it until later on today to write about it just in case there were any last minute wedding or pregnancy announcements that might make it more relevant. But it seems that isn’t going to happen now, so how else might I apply this card to my day?

Well, I did have a bit of a spat with my daughter a couple of days ago, but as of today we have resolved things and hopefully harmony reigns supreme again.

There are still some minor worries praying on my mind, but hopefully this card would suggest that things will work themselves out and life can settle into a period of peace, harmony and stability. Here’s hoping so.