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wild {unknown} friday

  Today’s card, the Five of Wands shows five sticks which look as if they have been tossed up into the air and allowed to fall wherever they may. 
This week the best laid plans may descend into chaos and confusion. There could be a metaphorical “spanner in the works” where everything comes tumbling down leading to a sense of disorientation and disarray. 
Alternatively it could be that our energies feel scattered and random so that it’s almost impossible to decide on the best way forward at this time. Others adding their disparate views and ideas to the mix may engender conflict or confrontation leading to the feeling that it’s all “gone to pot” with no way to repair the damage.
Sometimes the only thing to do in this circumstance is to wait for the dust to settle before we can get a handle on the best way to proceed. This is one of those experiences that needs to happen in certain situations to shake us out of our comfort zone, and maybe the tried and tested way that we have always previously approached a particular issue.
Although the ensuing pandemonium and unruliness are a nightmare to deal with, often when our plans go “belly up” it can, with hindsight turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Once the landscape has returned to a place of calm and normality our world can look very different……and often for the better.

Daily Card ~ Five of Wands

Distraction, confusion and interruption are the order of the day. It may seem as though however hard you try it is impossible to bring any kind of order into your schedule. Just when you think that you have tamed the disparate threads of the day and smoothed them into something coherent, another annoyance throws a spanner into the works. Don’t beat yourself up….we all have days like this! Just go with the flow and see where life wants to take you. The chores and challenges will still be there tomorrow.