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Daily Card ~ Eight of Swords

Todays card also features a butterfly, but has a different flavour to the Six of Wands which came up yesterday. The Eight of Swords shows the ways in which we allow our own mind to keep us imprisoned. We feel trapped and hopeless in our situation or circumstances and consequently unable to make a move in any direction. However, this is a Monarch butterfly and so perhaps we have more power and jurisdiction to act in our own lives than we give ourselves credit for? The limitations we envisage and the reasons we are unable to set ourselves free are in our own minds, and don’t have any substance in reality. We are currently undergoing a metamorphosis and when we emerge from this stage of incubation it will be as if we suddenly see the world in technicolour and with a new clarity. This will prove to be a turning point, when we are finally able to take back power and sovereignty over our own life and forge our own path.