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Daily Draw – The Hanged Man


In a way this was the perfect card for me to receive today as it has given me permission to just hang fire and do nothing. I am absolutely laid low with a dreadful cold, and although I feel as if there is lots of “stuff” that I need to be doing, I really don’t have the energy today. The Hanged Man is telling me that it’s ok to spend the day just holed up with the heating turned up full blast, sporting my onesie and sipping comforting hot chocolate.

There is so much pressure to be continually “doing” in this world. You’re supposed to take a Lemsip and then get on with life as normal. Well I’m bucking the trend. I’m going to spend my day doing precisely nothing, and then hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be firing on all cylinders again, ready to take on the world!

Daily Draw – Three of Pentacles


Daily Card – Three of Pentacles

It’s interesting that since the beginning of the year virtually all the cards that I’ve drawn have been either Major Arcana or Pentacles cards! Is this reinforcing that big changes are coming, and the way to get the best results is through practical application and hard work? It seems that the time for contemplation is over and action is very much the order of the day now. So, onto today’s card, the Three of Pentacles……

In the Dame Darcy deck there is a different symbolism to the Rider Waite where it is seen as being very much about collaboration. This card speaks to me more about the need to collaborate or co-create with the Universe.

The mermaid is portrayed as a sculptor creating something beautiful and lasting. She is putting all her skills to work, chipping away at the block of stone and honing and perfecting her expertise as she goes. This says to me that now is the time to get stuck in and “just do it”. Don’t worry about being good enough as with hard work and practice I will improve as I go along.

This card confirms once again that the time for studying has passed and now the best results can be achieved by “doing”. It is telling me to do something that I love; something where time stands still and I feel in the zone and going with the flow of life! This will fill me with spiritual riches and fulfilment. It is also hinting that by doing this thing…..tarot, in my case….abundance and material reward will follow, as symbolised by the open treasure chest full of coins on the seabed.

I am excited to receive this card today in confirmation that I am heading in the right direction and on the right path.