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wild {unknown} friday

The Spacious Tarot – Child of Pentacles

The Child of Pentacles is the archetypal “nature child”, although “child” in this context is more likely to mean someone with a youthful or child like attitude to the world. This is someone who loves to be outdoors, exploring their environment, and having adventures. They revel in the beauty and inspiration of nature.

This person has a fascination with how things work, and is endlessly curious and always asking questions. There is optimism and a sense of wonder here. The Child of Pentacles is very open minded about the discoveries they make. Nothing is set in stone yet, and so there is much freedom in this stance.

For the Page of Pentacles it is all about the journey, and the amazing discoveries along the way, rather than just reaching the destination. One important thing I feel most of us could learn from this character is to focus on enjoying the present moment; stop and smell the roses and be open to awakening our senses to the worldly pleasures which abound all around us. This seems to me to be an excellent antidote to the fear and uncertainty which is currently pervading our world, and reminds us of the wise tenet…..

As above so below; as within so without.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛