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wild {unknown} friday

This is a week of new beginnings and inspired concepts! Any ideas which emerge in your consciousness really could have legs, and may contain the seeds of something which has tremendous potential. So don’t dismiss anything as being too crazy or unworkable. The Aces are about the essence or impression of an idea, and so may need some fine tuning, but the basic idea is good….so develop it, and run with it. You never know where it might take you!

Daily Card ~ Ace of Wands

  Today’s fiery energy is characterised by the Ace of Wands. It indicates inspired ideas and creativity. Maybe a promising thought will pop into your head and you’ll be enthusiastic to get cracking and bring this project to fruition. However the Aces are all about potential, so no matter how great an idea seems it will also require action and focused work to make it a reality.