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If you are curious, open minded, willing to take responsibility for your life, and looking for self empowerment, then you will probably enjoy working with me. Having a tarot reading is NOT about me telling you what you should do. It is about exploring possible meanings and finding new insight, illumination and possibilities  to move your life forward in a way that works for you. I do not use tarot in a divinatory way, nor do I consider myself psychic (although I am intuitive). If you are looking for a “fortune telling” style of tarot reading then I am probably not the right reader for you. My approach requires collaboration, personal growth, and the willingness to take responsibility for your own life, actions and choices. I believe that we all have freewill to shape our lives as we see fit. A tarot reading will not tell you what is going to happen, as the future is not set in stone, but is fluid and free flowing and dependant on the actions we take in the here and now; rather, it helps you to see new perspectives and choices to guide and illuminate the best way forward. Because tarot communicates in the archetypal language of images and storytelling it can uncover issues and attitudes of which we are unaware. Once these are brought into the light of day we can find more conscious and useful ways of dealing with them.

To order a reading please use the form on the Contact page where you can get in touch and provide some background information about your situation. My readings are individually tailored to address the issues and concerns of my client. I use physical cards (not computer generated) whilst considering the situation you have elucidated so you can be assured that the reading will be personal to you. I will devise a spread to help clarify and illuminate your way forward, making positive suggestions to help and encourage where appropriate.

Please make sure that you tick the box to confirm that you have read  the Terms & Conditions before ordering a reading so that you know what to expect and understand my style of reading.

Once I have received your details I will email a Paypal invoice to make the payment for your reading.