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wild {unknown} friday

The Mother of Pentacles is the epitome of the Earth Mother, providing caring, nurturing and warm hearted support to her loved ones. Her sense of devotion, and her affectionate, generous nature knows no bounds when it comes to providing a safe, secure and homely haven for her family. 

This personality is also quick to assist others, and freely provides love and support where required. Others are often comforted by her presence. She could be your down to earth and practical counsellor, mentor or teacher. One thing’s for sure….she always makes others feel safe and heard, and has a knack for offering sensible, realistic guidance. She is one of those people who seems to instinctively know the right way forward in any situation, and trusts herself and her judgement implicitly. 

The Mother of Pentacles could often be described as a domestic goddess too. She has a very sensual, earthy and creative approach …. life tends to blossom in home, family and work life wherever it is touched by this individual.

There are several ways in which you could capitalise on the characteristics of the Mother of Pentacles energy…..

  • Deal with others, and your present circumstances in a compassionate, nurturing, practical and down to earth way
  • Focus on creating a calm and balanced life
  • Be resourceful and practical, dealing with issues as they arise and coming up with simple, realistic solutions to fix problems with minimum fuss

There are also a couple of downsides to the qualities of the Mother of Pentacles to be aware of….

  • Be careful that you are not sacrificing your own identity, and desires by constantly putting others before yourself and your needs
  • Balance in all things is vital; you are just as important as anyone else

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

 The tarot suit of Cups is all about emotion, feelings and relationships, and so the Mother of Cups is the queen of this realm. She is powerful and fierce whilst simultaneously being protective and nurturing. She is depicted as a swan in this deck which perfectly describes her ability to be compassionate and empathic, but also extremely aggressive if pushed.
She is highly sensitive to the vibes around her, so much so that her insightful intuition can border on the prophetic or psychic at times. This gives her a reputation for being deep and mysterious, inhabiting as she does the realms of the unconscious and subconscious mind. Here dreams are dreamt and magic happens. 
She is associated with the unknown…..where gut instinct and perceptive hunches are the modus operandi. A place of spirituality and receptivity which is symbolised in this card by the sparkling blue, pink and purple stars which twinkle in the darkness of the night sky behind her. 
When this card appears it is time to take note of your dreams and intuition by turning your attention inward. Use creative visualisation and magic to bend reality to mirror your deeply held wishes. 
There is a time and place for rationality and logic, but this week tap into the traits of the Mother of Cups within yourself. Use her emotional sensitivity, intuition and empathy and trust that in the situations you encounter this week they will be the way to achieve the best results.
Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

This weeks card points to a feeling of disillusionment or disappointment. Although other people may look at your life and consider that you are extremely fortunate, you’re just not feeling it yourself. The silly thing is that whatever you feel is missing may in actuality be right under your nose…..maybe hidden in plain sight. Although you are currently in a dark and somewhat depressed state of mind, all you need to do is change your perspective to see that in reality you have much to celebrate and be thankful for. 

wild {unknown} friday

You may feel a sense of urgency to break free from entanglements which have kept you mired in powerlessness and hopelessness for too long. You are coming from a dark, confusing place but know that it is possible to soar clear of all that has been holding you back and shackling you, into the clear sky of clarity and freedom. Up, up and away into the clear blue yonder!

wild {unknown} friday

The Three of Swords puts me in mind of an emotional entanglement such as an affair. It is as if three people are bound together in a very painful, tumultuous and confusing situation, and it seems that “three is a crowd”. Although they probably wish they could break free, the emotional ties which bind them together won’t loosen their grip. It is as if they are trapped, suffocated and overwhelmed. The centre of the card is black suggesting that they can’t see a way out of this situation; however the periphery is white which seems to say that there is hope and relief on the horizon.
To me it also speaks of a divorce or separation and the devastating effects this might have on all those involved. This looks like an archetypal ménage a trois situation, where no one is going to emerge unscathed. It could also highlight a familial situation where a child or other innocent party is trapped in the middle between two warring factions. Unfortunately the smallest, most vulnerable sword is the one which is bleeding most profusely, pointing to the fact that the most powerless in these scenarios often come off worst.
Because the suit of swords relates to the mental realm, it has a strong association with the mind-body connection. When we have painful thoughts we feel that pain in our body….hence the word ‘heartbreak’.
This card can therefore speak of the ways in which we create and deepen our pain with thoughts and words. If you are currently experiencing painful thoughts, this card asks you to consider how your thoughts themselves may be exacerbating your struggle.

wild {unknown} friday

  The card for the upcoming week is the Nine of Cups, also known as the “wish card”. 
If you look closely you will see that the cups are arranged in an inverted horseshoe shape, which is traditionally a symbol of good look and prosperity.
The colours graduate from a beautiful serene blue at the bottom of the card, to a gorgeous rosy pink at the top. It puts me in mind of a heavenly sunrise or sunset over a tranquil sea. The colours suggest that everything in the emotional garden is currently rosy and relationships, either familial or romantic are going through a settled and harmonious phase. 
If you notice the cups all look full and they are stable and solid rather than teetering on slender stems that may topple over or snap at any moment. In this way they likely mirror a relationship which is rock solid and built on strong foundations. It may not be in the first flush of romance and trying to impress with grand gestures and flashy, extravagant gifts, but it does have the advantage of having moved on to the next level of quiet comfort, warmth and support. This is probably a relationship that you can rely on and trust to be there for you.
So, the romance may have paled somewhat, and perhaps sometimes you look at others and wish that your partner still showered you with gifts and that you were still in the exciting and intoxicatingly first flush of love? However, “be careful what you wish for” as outward appearances can be deceptive, and it is likely that your partnership although it may not be perfect, is the real deal.

wild {unknown} friday

 The card I drew today from The Wild Unknown is the Six of Cups. This card seems to hark back to a much richer and rosier past. The tangle of multicoloured roots seem to suggest that when we look back with nostalgia, things seem more vibrant and exciting. However, when we don our rose tinted specs sometimes we can have a distorted and skewed vision of what came before, making the present seem dull and lack lustre in comparison. Especially if we had a happy and contented early life, it can seem as if some of the shine is being taken off as we age. Nothing seems as fresh or new anymore and we become jaded and cynical. 

However, what we must remember is that all any of us has is the “now”, and if we spend all our time wishing to be transported back to a magical and mythical time of the past, we are in danger of completely missing our present and future. 

Of course it’s great to look back on the happy memories of the past; just not so great if we get trapped there and waste the opportunity to make more awesome memories in the here and now. 

If after careful and realistic consideration you genuinely believe that all your best times are behind you, then it’s time to reintegrate some of the people, places and activities that used to bring you joy! Think about some of your former passions and how you can reincorporate them into your life today. Start making new memories that you can look back on with warm, fuzzy feelings in years to come.

wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly drawn card is The Moon. It speaks of the inner landscape of intuition, dreams, the unconscious and the Shadow Self.
This is an untamed landscape which can be scary and where things aren’t always as they seem. If you venture into the woods in the dead of night it can be confusing and difficult to get your bearings. Your imagination can play tricks on you, bringing fears and anxieties to the surface. What is real and what is imagined? It would be easy to descend into a kind of madness in this bewildering world of illusion and deception. 
However, this night time world of psychic exploration can also yield pure magic. By diving deep into the domain of the imagination, dreams and intuition it is possible to unearth buried treasure. Often the only way to navigate this world is by being guided only by your inner voice of wisdom and intuition. Even when you have lost your way your inner GPS will bring you safely home and back to yourself.
So, the advice for this week is to listen closely to that ‘still small voice within’. Something may not be as it appears so trust your instincts and hunches. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, and to any flashes of intuition which come out of nowhere. Your inner wisdom will not see you go wrong.
Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

The Sun card in the tarot speaks of joy, radiance and warmth. It is an exceptionally positive, uplifting symbol, illuminating a need to have confidence and optimism in life and in yourself. 
The Sun is life giving and life affirming, but in too large a dose is also destructive and harmful. This is a metaphor for maintaining a sense of balance. The Sun’s energy has to work in conjunction with the position of our beautiful blue marble of a planet to create paradise. Any further away and it would be too cold to sustain life, and any nearer and we’d be burnt to a frazzle! 
Although we often complain in the UK that we don’t see enough of the sun, this means that it’s imperative to spend as much time as we can outside to bask in the healing energy of the sun whenever the opportunity arises. It gives us a sense of freedom, focus and clarity and helps to illuminate our path. This is a time to make sure that we don’t stray into the darkness, but instead bask in the warmth and radiance of our true light and power. Find your inner peace and then spread joy, peace and love to the four corners of the earth. 
The Sun declares that you CAN do whatever your heart desires. At this time, you have the vision, will and confidence to go after your deepest aspirations and passions. So let the sun inspire you and ignite your imagination to create the life you have always craved, and which you so richly deserve.

wild {unknown} friday

  The randomly drawn card for the upcoming week is Death, which on first impressions can appear to be a very scary prospect indeed! However, please don’t be alarmed as this card can also signify much more positive occurrences. Although the Death card may herald big changes, often unexpected, and may feel as though we are all caught up in the path of events we cannot escape, ultimately it can usher in new ways of being and new possibilities which could never have been envisioned before this cataclysmic, life changing chapter unfolded.

These types of major turning points and times of reckoning also give an amazing opportunity for renewal and transformation. Of course many of us may not have chosen for this situation to occur, but out of this ending can emerge a new beginning…..bigger and better than before, and give birth to something more valuable and powerful. Exercising our creative imaginations will allow us to visualise new possibilities.

During this period of transition it can be difficult to see in which way the jigsaw puzzle is going to fit back together, but soon new constructive patterns will begin to emerge. We are given an opportunity to take a step back before moving forward in our quest to build a better, stronger and more resilient global community.

Out of such profound change will hopefully be born a new paradigm of strength and determination to ensure that what comes next is an improved, inclusive and more positive version of consensus reality.