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Card for 2015 ~ The Fool


Today when choosing my Daily Card I asked for a card that would provide the overarching theme for 2015. I wanted something that would condense the essence of this new year into the energies of one card that would provide an anchor and reference point as I navigate 2015.

I was thrilled to see The Fool as this is a card of opportunity and adventure; a card that says a resounding “YES” to life. The Fool is not afraid to jump right into life and trusts that she will be guided and taken care of on her journey into the unknown.

Last year was definitely spent contemplating and consolidating and integrating all the change that has taken place in the last year or so. Towards the end of the year I was starting to feel that enough navel gazing had taken place, and it was time to jump back into the flow of life and start fully living again.

Drawing The Fool card today was confirmation that 2015 is the year to take life by the throat and get on with the business of living and experiencing again. Time to travel light, to have fun and simplify. Time to “just do it”!