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wild {unknown} friday

The card I have drawn for the upcoming week is the Nine of Cups from The Druidcraft Tarot.
This is a card of contentment, wishes fulfilled and satisfaction. This is a person who has reached a certain level of comfort and abundance in their life, and now feels that they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Life feels good, and it is time for celebration and pleasure. This is a time of great happiness and contentment, and because the Cups usually refer to emotional matters and relationships, this is likely to be in the sphere of family, friendship and love. 
If you have been through difficulties in the past, now is hopefully a time to put these behind you, and bask in the warmth and conviviality that is available to you at present. 
The Cups also refer to creativity, so you may find that this is a particularly prolific time in terms of inspiration and imagination, when you can successfully bring creative projects to fruition. You may also find that you are bursting with new ideas which you are inspired to birth into the world.
The only downside to this card can be a tendency to get too comfortable in your success. Guard against smugness, complacency, overindulgence and laziness. Remember that however successful you are there are still fresh projects to initiate and new horizons to explore!