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Daily Card ~ Ace of Cups

Something good is heading your way. It’s so near you can almost taste it on the breeze. Ever had that sense of excitement and just known that something awesome was about to happen? The Ace of Cups carries the pure potential and possibility, that is ripe to manifest in the area of love and  relationships. This could potentially be what you have been waiting a very long time for.

Daily Card ~ Wheel of Fortune

Today may be one of those weird and wonderful days where the hand of fate plays a part. It may not be immediately apparent, but when you look back with the benefit of hindsight you might see that today was a turning point or crossroads in some way. The threads of fate twist and turn in mysterious ways and it’s impossible to unpick them and see the bigger picture from our perspective. However, just because it isn’t visible to us doesn’t mean that there is not an order and pattern moving beneath the surface of life. Embrace the mystery today!

Daily Card ~ Son of Cups

You are positively overflowing with brilliant creative ideas today! You may feel as if your cup quite literally “runneth over”, to the extent that it may feel a little overwhelming. Make sure that your inspirations don’t evaporate into the ether like a wisp of smoke. Be sure to write them down so that you can refer back to them on days when your imagination is less prolific. Perhaps take the time to act on one of your ideas straight away? Baby steps in the right direction can eventually add up to major change and achievement.

Daily Card ~ Seven of Pentacles

Today, being the New Moon, is an excellent time to decide on your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle and sow the seeds for what you hope to achieve over the course of the next month. Then start to take the steps to nurture the seeds you have planted. What do you need to do, on a daily basis to ensure that your seedlings take root and flourish? Remember to be patient too….just because you don’t see anything happening straight away doesn’t mean that life is not starting to stir beneath the surface! Resist the temptation to dig up your seedlings to see how they are doing, and trust that things will start to happen on their own schedule and can’t be rushed.

Daily Card ~ Nine of Wands

You are so very nearly there! It’s been a hard slog recently and there have been times when you’ve felt like throwing in the towel, but now you can pat yourself on the back for having the tenacity to hang on in there. There are a few final obstacles and minor problems to negotiate, but soon you will be toasting your success. You can feel very proud of yourself! 

Daily Card ~ The Empress

The Empress is a beautiful, bountiful card. It asks us to consider if we are nourishing ourselves on a regular basis? Are we doing the things which will empower us to create and sustain the important things in our lives. In order to be strong and abundant we are required to attend to the three main areas of body, mind and spirit. These must be stoked in a positive way to ensure that we are strong and able to squeeze all the juice out of life. Ask yourself if your perpetual daily habits are moving you nearer or further away from the strength and empowerment you seek.

Daily Card ~ Son of Pentacles

Slow and steady wins the race. The Son of Pentacles energy might not be the most dynamic but it is certainly determined, tenacious and persistent. He won’t win any prizes for flair and charisma but if a job needs doing, and it needs doing well, this is your man. If you have a task that needs completing, just keep plodding on….persistence will pay off today.

Daily Card ~ Eight of Wands

It’s probably going to be really difficult to focus on anything for too long today, as your attention is called to multiple tasks and situations which you must deal with. Instead of trying to do everything at once by multitasking like crazy, if you can, attempt to put your energies into one thing at a time. It’s better to prioritise and do a few things well, rather than flying off at a tangent and not fully completing anything on your to do list. What you fail to accomplish will still be on your schedule for tomorrow….and maybe some problems will solve themselves so that you are able to strike them off your list!

Daily Card ~ Ace of Cups

This is a beautiful, positive card signifying new beginnings in love and relationships. Suddenly your joie de vivre is restored and you feel as if your cup runneth over. Life is fizzing with excitement again, and you feel a sense of hope and positivity starting to bubble up from the very depths of your soul. Things are starting to happen! It may be slow and steady at first but then may suddenly speed up and gather momentum.