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Daily Card ~ Four of Swords

There’s no need to do anything today….just rest in the knowledge that everything is happening perfectly. Sometimes it is tempting to rail against the Universe when we are desperate for something to happen or come to fruition in our life. However, we cannot fight against the cosmic agenda and things come to pass in their own time. So, sit tight and stay connected to your own inner light. That’s all you have to do!

Daily Card ~ Daughter of Pentacles

It feels like you’ve spent too long cooped up indoors. Maybe you have become isolated and withdrawn, and almost hermit like as you have retreated into yourself. Maybe you feel as if life is passing you by, as you press your nose against the glass of life and watch as other people have fun. It’s time to jump back into the flow. Reconnect with the natural world and gaze with awe and wonder at all it has to offer. Be here now, and be open to the sensory delights this earthly playground bestows upon us. Drink it all in and enjoy!

Daily Card ~ Five of Pentacles

There is a situation in your life where you feel as if you are wilting and dying. Perhaps the environment you find yourself in isn’t providing you with what is required for you to flourish and grow. It’s possible that you are drooping under the weight of depression or sadness, and you can’t see a way forward out of this pit of hopelessness. Try and find a way to nurture yourself, and give yourself whatever it is you need in order to start to see light at the end of the tunnel. If you are able to lift your head from your focus of sorrow and darkness you will catch a glimpse of the light and hope which is available to you if you can raise your gaze to a higher perspective.

Daily Card ~ Seven of Swords

Play your cards close to your chest today. There is no need to reveal all of your plans to everyone. Sometimes it is completely necessary to keep some things under wraps; the disapproval or criticism from others is enough to cut off your big ideas at the knees before you even get started. Be discriminating and judicious with whom you share your fledgling ideas, and if you must reveal all, make sure it is to someone who will support and cheer you on.

Daily Card ~ Death

What needs to die away today in order to make space for something new? Perhaps your life has become cluttered with too much stuff, whether that is physical, spiritual, digital, or even relationships which bog you down and mire you in extraneous and superfluous complication. Try pruning back some of these distractions and living more simply. We actually need very little, and often all the ‘stuff’ which we aquire can simply weigh us down with extra responsibility which we would be happier without.

Daily Card ~ Seven of Cups

If there are choices which need to be made today it could prove very confusing. There are so many possible options on offer that it may feel impossible to choose between them. What to do for the best? Because this is the suit of cups which rules emotions, feelings and intuition, the best result today would probably be to follow your heart or gut feeling, rather than attempting to make a decision using a rational or logical process. There is a choice on offer that would be a perfect fit…..symbolised by the one upright cup in the midst of all the inverted ones. Listen to your heart to come to the right decision for you.

Daily Card ~ Son of Pentacles

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and weighed down by life, just do things step by step and one at a time. There is no urgency; just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t panic and fret about the how…..instead just remain in the now and keep moving in the direction of your goals, little by little. Eventually you will get there.