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Daily Card ~ Temperance

Today could require you to blend together qualities and ingredients in just the right ratio to get the results you are aiming for. Rather like baking a cake, often we need to skilfully add a bit of this and a dash of something else to get the mix just right so that it will rise in the oven. For us this will involve the elements of earth, air, fire and water and how we combine them to get the best results in our lives. Do we need more earthy pragmatism, or a few drops of fiery inspiration in order to bring our mix to life? Of perhaps we need to get our logical, rational head on, or be more compassionate and empathic. By blending different qualities in just the right amounts we can perform alchemy today.

Daily Card ~ Six of Pentacles

 Help and resources could be received from unexpected quarters, and at just the right moment today. This could be financial assistance, but it could equally be someone offering their time or advice. Alternatively, it could be that you have something that someone else requires, and are able to give it freely to help this individual out of a tight spot. 

Daily Card ~ Six of Cups

The first thing which came to mind on drawing this card today was a line from an Oasis song…..”don’t look back in anger”. It reminded me that it’s time to let go of injustices and feelings that we were wronged in the past. What’s done is done, so draw a line under it and move on. Remember that by refusing to forgive we only harm ourselves in the long run. 

Daily Card ~ Seven of Swords

Play your cards close to your chest today. There is no need to reveal all of your plans to everyone. Sometimes it is completely necessary to keep some things under wraps; the disapproval or criticism from others is enough to cut off your big ideas at the knees before you even get started. Be discriminating and judicious with whom you share your fledgling ideas, and if you must reveal all, make sure it is to someone who will support and cheer you on.