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wild {unknown} friday


 This weeks randomly selected card is The Emperor, which in the tarot represents the masculine, father archetype.

The tree featured on this card looks strong, straight and solid. This perfectly represents the qualities of The Emperor who values structure, stability, strong foundations and boundaries.

The tree is shaped like an upward pointing arrow, emphasising the straight forward nature of the Emperor and their belief that they always know best and are leading others in the right direction for their own good. In fact this attitude can mean that The Emperor can be quite inflexible and rigid.

The person who displays these types of characteristics will feel happiest when their life is lived in a disciplined and logical way. They enjoy the structure of rules and regulations and may tip into dogmatic and controlling behaviour. Some might even describe them as harsh at times.

However there are certainly positives to the Emperor archetype! One of these characteristics is constancy, which in this deck is symbolised by an evergreen tree which endures despite the season. It also represents home, safety and warmth. Again the tree alludes to this quality as it too is an ecosystem which supports many life forms by providing shelter, food and water. Of course it also sustains life itself by supplying oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The Emperor’s driving force is to build an empire, and with this in mind rules can be good! Sometimes imposing a few judiciously chosen rules and constraints (even on ourselves) can be advantageous in helping to eliminate distractions and be more productive!

This week I’m going to channel ‘The Emperor’ and set myself a few rules around how often I check my emails and social media. Hopefully this will result in a more focused and productive week!

Let us know in the comments if you get extra stuff done by being ‘more Emperor’ in the upcoming week.

Until next time,

Caro Tarot💛

Daily Draw – Four of Cups


My first thought on drawing this card today was that there is something I am being offered by the Universe that I’m just not seeing. It is something that is literally right under my nose, but it is as if I’m wearing blinkers which prevent me from being open to this opportunity. It is a gift from the Gods; I don ‘t have to do anything to take advantage of this gift except simply accept it. But it is as if something is blocking me from even seeing what is being offered to me on a plate. Maybe I feel I don’t deserve it or I’m unworthy? Perhaps it’s a bit like having a pimple on the end of your nose….sometimes you are literally too close to be able to see clearly.

Daily Draw – King of Wands


Today I have once again drawn the King of Wands. My first thought was that I am still in the dark about something at the moment, due to the fact that the right side of the King’s face is concealed in shadow. It is as if he is looking up to the heavens above in order to receive inspiration or insight. Maybe something in my own life is unclear and shrouded in darkness? Perhaps the only way to access new information is by looking to intuition and imagination for answers that may not be forthcoming by any other means.

Daily Draw – Knight of Swords


I started this year with high hopes and enthused with great positivity and a sense of the myriad possibilities open to me. I’m not sure what has happened in the twenty one days since then, but already I feel despondent and demotivated; almost as if, who was I kidding to think 2015 would be any different?

This morning I have drawn The Knight of Swords. This feels like a rallying cry to get back on the horse (dolphin!) and set off again in pursuit of my goals. The Knight is perceived as a go-getter. He is proactive, focused, and some would say aggressive, as he hones in on what he wants to achieve and goes for it! He is single minded and brings all of his energy and exuberance and power to bear to make things happen in his life. In this card you can sense the speed at which he is travelling forwards and the great energy he brings to any task he decides to zero in on.

This laser like concentration appears to energise both the Knight and the dolphin, who look as if they are both having fun as they race towards their target with a single minded vision and passion.

Maybe my lesson today is that I have taken on too many different goals that I want to achieve in 2015, resulting in me scattering my focus and intent, and feeling bogged down and overwhelmed. I think I need to choose the one I’m most passionate about and then pursue it wholeheartedly and single mindedly. That one true passion is tarot, so I commit to drawing a card each day and blogging about it, whether anyone else cares to read what I have to say about it or not; I will doggedly do this on a daily basis… matter what.

Daily Draw – Seven of Wands


Hmmm, when I look at this card my immediate thought today is of being blocked and trapped. Whichever way she looks there is no escape. In front of her is amassed what looks like a menacing battalion of oars, preventing her passage. Also it seems that it’s not apparent who, or what is ganging up against her and impeding her progress. This makes the opposition harder to deal with in many ways when you don’t know exactly what you’re up against.

Behind her there seems to be a huge storm brewing with bolts of lightening zigzagging the sky and dark menacing clouds. It looks as if there is no going back either!

As this card talks about creative endeavours and projects it could be that this is where a sense of feeling stuck is most apparent. As there are no actual adversaries showing themselves it could be that these problems and hurdles have more tenure in the mind than in the actual real world. Perhaps these are perceived roadblocks on the road to success? Because these limits and blocks are remaining concealed, beneath the surface of the water, it could be that they are unconscious obstacles to success.

Maybe this little mermaid needs to examine her own limiting beliefs and lack of self belief in her talents and gifts. She may find that the squadron of oars lined up against her may then glide silently back under the ocean waves to allow her unimpeded passage.