wild {unknown} friday

The Wild Unknown Tarot – The Devil

This can be a scary looking card in some tarot decks, but really isn’t anything to be afraid of. It often points to a situation where we have become entrapped in a situation of our own making, usually a behaviour pattern or way of thinking, which is having negative repercussions for us.

It can indicate addictive patterns which are keeping us enslaved to another person, a substance or a negative, self defeating pattern. In order to break free from whatever is holding us back, we will need to confront our shadow side and work through the personal issues we uncover there. There is no quick fix to take us out of the forest and back into the light….the only way is “through”.

We must not despair though as through the darkness of the trees we can see the light of the sun shining. It gives hope that if we do the inner work, and get professional help with this if necessary, we can emerge into a new place of hope and positivity, having conquered our inner demons.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛