wild {unknown} friday

The Gaian Tarot – The Star

This weeks card from The Gaian Tarot is The Star. As this is a Major Arcana card it’s influence may be felt beyond just this week, as these cards tend to talk about larger, ongoing trends.

The Star is an extremely positive card which symbolises new beginnings and good fortune. It pictures a woman wearing a white dress symbolising purity, renewal and healing, gazing into a pool of water where a myriad of stars are reflected, which offer a sense of hope, promise and magic.

The bird in the foreground is a Kingfisher, a legendary bird associated with the “halcyon days”, a time of peace and plenty.

The first thing which comes to mind for me when I look at this card is to “wish upon a star” with it’s obvious connotations of hope, renewal and inspiration. When we gaze in awe at the night sky, dotted with millions of stars, or we are lucky enough to witness a shooting star streaming across the velvety black heavens, we are reminded of the wonder of the Universe and our intrinsic connection to it.

In these tumultuous times, when everything seems so uncertain, and we may be feeling a sense of hopelessness and despondency, The Star is a welcome sight. It brings with it a sense of hope, inspiration and wonder and invites us to deeply feel our connection to Source.

If we find that dark clouds are descending, and a sense of hopelessness is setting in as we struggle to navigate these difficult times, we can invoke the spirit and energy of The Star and know that “this too will pass” and better times are coming.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛