wild {unknown} friday

Gaian Tarot – Five of Air

This weeks card is the Five of Air from the Gaian Tarot. The suit of air in tarot is all about the mental realm, so relates to communication, the mind, truth, clarity, critical thinking and the intellect.

In this card we can see that there appears to be a conflict, and a lot of argumentative energy. In the guidebook for the Gaian Tarot it says that this species of eagle was almost extinct at one time, but now they are back with a vengeance and actually fighting for territory. This often results in conflicts which sometimes end up in a fight to the death.

At the moment, in the world at large, there is much debate about the correct way to handle the situation we all find ourselves in. Online, particularly on social media, these conflicts can get quite nasty and destructive, and this can result in negative vibes and a general lowering of consciousness.

This card seems to be advising that it is best to limit our time on these kinds of platforms. It is so easy to get drawn into conflicts, and before we know it we have squandered precious time, and end up feeling even more anxious and stressed about the world.

Of course we all want to keep informed about what is going on in the world, but maybe now is the time to choose our sources of information carefully, and avoid the more sensationalist and propaganda driven news outlets. Now is the time to base our enquiries on actual facts and empirical information, and seek out platforms that strive to report as honestly and transparently as possible. There is so much misinformation and fake news out there, but the suit of air (or swords) advises us to be discriminating about where we obtain the information we rely on.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛