wild {unknown} friday

The Spacious Tarot – Four of Swords

This weeks card from The Spacious Tarot reminds us that it’s okay to take a pause when we need to.

For some people “lockdown” has been a stressful, full on, and scary time. If you have been one of the people keeping essential services functioning for the benefit of everyone else, then by now you are probably feeling exhausted and depleted of energy. This card is saying that now is the time to lay down your sword and take some much needed respite. Even if it’s not possible to take time off to rest and recuperate, then it might be possible to at least take some timeout to come back to centre and recharge your batteries.

It is a cliche, but even small things can help to ground and calm. Perhaps you could make yourself a beautiful, nourishing meal, and sit down, uninterrupted, to fully appreciate and enjoy it.

Soaking in an indulgent bath, with an aromatic bath oil to soothe and unwind tense and knotted muscles can calm body and soul, and help to restore a sense of well-being.

Or simply giving yourself time to connect with nature and green spaces can be super restorative and relaxing.

I hope that this week you can find a few minutes to come back to yourself, look up at the sky and feel a sense of calm and wellbeing. You so deserve it.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛