wild {unknown} friday

The Spacious Tarot – Child of Wands

This week’s card, The Child of Wands, features an intrepid little salamander, setting out on a voyage of discovery.

This brave and curious little character marches to the beat of his own drum. He is secure in his own creative process and takes his vision from within and makes it manifest in the world. This card seems to be asking how we can embrace our unique creative spark?

During lockdown maybe we have experimented with new creative ventures…perhaps returning to things we used to love as children, but which we long ago abandoned. As adults we tend to judge our creative explorations harshly, more often than not finding our efforts falling short of an illusory perfection impossible to achieve.

Maybe we could allow ourselves to simply explore and play, finding joy in the process of creating rather than obsessing about the finished product? Too often our creativity is cut off at the knees and never allowed to bloom because we don’t think it’s “good enough”.

But good enough for whom? If we are too invested in the outcome instead of enjoying the journey, we will miss out on so much of what life has to offer. So this week, why not just revel in creativity for it’s own sake? Experiment and explore, being guided only by your inner muse.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛