wild {unknown} friday

The Spacious Tarot – The Magician

This week I asked what we needed to be reminded of as we navigate the upcoming week, and this beautiful Magician card came out with an uplifting message for us

The Magician is highly creative and resourceful. The wand, sword, cup and pentacle which appear to be floating in an azure blue and pink sky, represent the four cornerstones of creativity. They are activated and ready to use, and all that is required of us is to grasp hold of them, and bring them down to the Earth plane so that we can utilise their powers in our lives.

The Magician reminds us that we already have everything we need to manifest whatever it is we wish to bring into our reality. We have the wand of imagination and inspiration; the sword of truth and discernment; the cup of heartfelt desire; and the pentacle to bring our dreams into concrete reality.

The possibilities are infinite, and limited only by our imagination and beliefs about what is available to us. If we can truly envision the life we wish for ourselves, and believe in our deepest heart of hearts that it is possible, then there are no barriers to our creating it.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛