wild {unknown} friday

This weeks card, from The Fountain Tarot, is the Six of Cups. I asked for inspiration to help us to continue to weather the ups and downs of isolation and social distancing, which I think many of us are finding increasingly difficult as the weeks go on.

This card speaks of nostalgia and warm feelings of times gone by, and maybe now is the perfect moment to invoke these precious memories? We are grateful for the wonderful digital technologies which are helping us to stay connected to our loved ones, far and wide, in these unprecedented times, but maybe we could go old school, and fish out our analogue memory keepers too? This would be a great moment to leaf through photo albums and scrapbooks of happy times from years gone by, to remember our ancestors and reconnect the threads of our lives over the span of years and history.

Maybe, instead of electronic means of keeping in touch, we could write a letter or postcard to a loved one, or send a small but meaningful gift?

Another way of invoking memories of the past is through our sense of taste and smell. Perhaps there is a particular meal or food which is evocative of years gone by, which we could prepare now to transport us back to another place and time?

Finally, what about the power which music has to transport us back in time? For those of us lucky enough to still have vinyl and cassettes from another era, and the equipment to play them, what about an evening of letting music trigger memories of people and places long forgotten in the mists of time?

I hope that you are all coping with these unprecedented times, and that these suggestions help you to stay connected with your loved ones, if not physically, then at least in memory and spirit.

Until next time,

Caro Tarot💛