wild {unknown} friday

This week I’m using The Fountain Tarot, and I asked for guidance on the best way to navigate these strange times we find ourselves in.

The card which I pulled is the King of Cups, which is a watery card linked to the realm of the subconscious mind and emotions. I feel as if this card is instructing us to delve deeply into this interior, mysterious world at this time, as there is insight, inspiration and gold to be mined.

We can do this by making sure we are getting enough sleep, to allow our consciousness to process and access the deeper wisdom which resides within. This would be a good time to take heed of our dreams and glean important information to guide us on our path.

Working with tarot and oracle cards will also be a good use of our time during this lockdown. Being guided by intuition and our inner voice will keep us connected to what is the right course of action at this time.

Journaling is another tool which I feel will be very useful at this time to help us access our deeper wisdom which may not always be apparent on the surface. By writing regularly we can excavate deeper more profound truths and use this insight to guide our journey.

By using these intuitively inspired techniques to get in touch with our Higher Selves we will always be guided to the next steps to take. In this way we can become more like the King of Cups. In the Fountain tarot this King looks very chilled out and at ease with himself. He is oriented towards the future, sitting in his chair, balancing a cup of coffee on his knee, whilst looking confidently ahead whilst turbulent waves crash around him. He is unperturbed, as he knows that he can trust himself to navigate the best path through life.