wild {unknown} friday

The Daughter of Cups is at home in the watery realm of emotions and intuition. She always tends towards seeing the best in people, and is trusting and empathetic. Usually her faith in people is repaid, and she is surrounded by a circle of loyal loved ones and friends.

This person is very authentic, and not afraid to display their true self to the world. Her beautiful soul is reflected back to her by the rainbow ripples on the still pond, and this is what others recognise and feel when they are in her orbit. They can sense her gentle, kind nature, and feel safe to reveal themselves to her, knowing that she won’t judge them.

This week, you may come into contact with a gentle, intuitive soul who can help you to unravel a dilemma you are wrestling with. Alternatively you might be that person for someone else. Whichever way it plays out, remember that in the words of the song….”your true colours are beautiful like a rainbow“….and don’t be afraid to be fully your gorgeous, radiant self.