wild {unknown} friday

This week the randomly chosen card is the Six of Wands. In this card a beautiful blue and green butterfly rises Phoenix like from a tangled heap of ‘wands’. This symbolises both literally and metaphorically a quiet, yet beautiful rise from struggle and adversity to freedom, hope and optimism. The butterfly leaves behind the destruction, debris and chaos of the recent past and rises victoriously to meet the future with an overwhelming sense of trust and positivity.

Like the butterfly, we may recently have undergone a painful metamorphosis, which will ultimately make us stronger, both individually and collectively. We have risen up against what felt like overwhelming odds, taking things one step at a time…..onwards and upwards, looking steadily towards a brighter future instead of focusing on the difficulty of the past. After a dark, horrible time, people and places have been transformed. A rebirth has taken place, releasing a fresh new energy and direction. Things are changed forever and we have discovered a new strength and resolve which will pave the way for a brighter future.