wild {unknown} friday

The Six of Swords is a card about transitioning from a place of stress and worry to a calmer place where peace of mind can be restored.

Sometimes it can seem that we are trapped in a situation that we know is doing is no favours, but it can be scary and disorientating to move forward. Often we feel that it is “better the devil we know” even though if we are truly honest with ourselves we will acknowledge that staying in this situation is self destructive and damaging.

We can find ourselves stuck in many circumstances that no longer serve us, whether that is a job, a relationship or a location. The longer we remain paralysed by fear of the unknown and afraid to move forward, the more likely it is that the stress and anxiety this engenders will progress to depression. Once this happens it is even more difficult to clamber out of the trap we have fallen into as we then are bogged down even further in the lethargy and hopelessness of despondency.

The rainbow overarching the card is a promise however that things can only get better if we can find the courage to move forward. Even if we only take “baby steps” we will eventually find ourselves in a much more hopeful and positive place. It is challenging and scary to move out of our comfort zone, but necessary for our long term future happiness.

wild {unknown} friday

This week’s card, The Hierophant, has an image of a crow, which speaks of magic, intuition, wisdom, and the voice of experience. The crow is cawing, so it obviously has something important to convey to us. It could be quite literal; maybe we will read something on Twitter which has a significant message for us this week!

I think it’s important to remember with this card that the the relevant information is likely to come from an outside source. It could be a mentor, counsellor or teacher, or just as likely, it may be a snippet of conversation we overhear, the lyrics of a song on the radio, or something we read on a blog at just the right moment.

The crow grasps a large key in her claws, which suggests that something vital is about to be unlocked….something of great value, which allows access to new information which has until now been under metaphorical “lock and key”. The penny is about to drop, and things fall into place. The bolt of lightning underlies the fact that this message is likely to be received like a “bolt from the blue” when you least expect it. It is illumination that suddenly becomes available, in a classic “light bulb” or “ah-ha” moment.

Make sure that you are alert to all incoming information this week, whatever it’s source. There may be gold and jewels mixed in with the everyday dross!

wild {unknown} friday

This weeks card is a truly beautiful one! In The Wild Unknown the image depicts a strong and pure white tree against a pitch black night sky, illuminated only by a crescent moon. The tree is edged with glorious pink, purple and red blossom to represent fertility, femininity and abundance.
The dark night sky suggests the mystery and shadows of the Divine Feminine and alludes to the power of intuition and inner wisdom.
The Empress also has a deep and sensual connection with life and nature, and a strong need for creative self expression and beauty in her life. This is a time to fully explore your world using the five senses: immerse yourself in a sensual maelstrom of soothing and harmonious sounds, delectable tastes and smells, the pure comfort of natural fibres, and the awe inspiring sights of the natural world.

wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly selected card is Judgement from The Wild Unknown deck. What looks like a beautiful white dove hovers at the top of the card, emanating rays of light. Below the dove, black coloured birds or even bats rise up towards the outstretched wings of the almost angelic looking presence. There is an overwhelming feeling of peace, freedom and redemption contained within this card as the birds appear to emerge from the tangled mass of darkness and heed the call from above. This week it is time to heed this call in our own lives. The time has come to leave behind the difficulties and disappointments of the past and move forwards towards a more promising and uplifting future. Anything that is holding you back from making peace with yourself and others can now be gently released into the light. Even if there are regrets and mistakes in your past that you have struggled to let go of, the Judgement card signals that you are forgiven and accepted into the protection and safety of a higher power (whatever this means to you). Any sense of not deserving or being worthy of freedom, peace of mind and redemption are utterly false. The dove on this card says that everyone is forgiven and free to rise up into this magical place of peace, love and wisdom. The dove makes no judgement and welcomes all comers with the same open arms (wings). The slate is wiped clean and we are free to break free from the murky recesses of the past and begin again….clean, purified and absolved.