Taking my own advice!

Yesterday the Four of Swords put in an appearance as my card of the week, reminding me to take some much needed timeout to reflect on and process recent events.

What better way to do this than to meditate on the gorgeous, iridescent pinks, golds and blues in this stunning piece of Angel Aura Quartz. Instantly calming, soothing, and akin to imagining being enveloped in the warm embrace of a soft, fluffy, pink cloud.

wild {unknown} friday

This week take some time out to just ‘be’. Sometimes we forget we are human beings, and act more like human ‘doings’ as we rush around trying to cross things off our ever increasing to do list.

So, over the coming week, try and make life a little easier on yourself…..scratch anything that isn’t strictly necessary, and give yourself five minutes out of your busy day to close your eyes, breathe deeply, and get in touch with your inner voice. It may be that taking a brief timeout may inspire you with fresh insight or new creative ideas which will help make the rest of your week more productive.

wild {unknown} friday

The Pentacles represent the physical and material aspects of life, so the Father of Pentacles is someone who has dominion over the material world and through hard work, discipline and a conscientious attitude is able to create wealth, security and stability. This person has reached the pinnacle of prosperity and affluence and consequently is now able to take pride in their achievements and enjoy the luxury, abundance and sensuality derived from the fruits of their labour.

This person is skilled in wealth generation and never misses a business opportunity. The Father of Pentacles is strong and powerful and takes great pride in being an excellent provider who ensures the stability, security and protection of their loved ones.

The more negative aspects of this character which can sometimes be apparent are a tendency to be authoritative, controlling and domineering.

When The Father of Pentacles puts in an appearance it may be an indication that someone with these qualities may enter your life. It can also be a time when you will achieve the best results by incorporating the energies of this card into your projects!

wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly selected card is the Five of Swords depicting an earth worm which has been severed in two….a disturbing and repulsive image in equal measure.

Because swords represent the mind, thoughts, and conflict, we can see that this card shows the negative consequences which can result when we become embroiled in power struggles and hostility with others. For me, the phrase which immediately springs to mind is that we may have ‘won the battle but lost the war’. This card can depict a situation where we may want to win at all costs, but end up being the loser because we have alienated and angered others leading to isolation and ostracism. It is vital that we pick our battles and don’t become involved in conflicts simply to get our own way, prove we’re right or because we feel challenged or threatened by another person. This card symbolises a complete breakdown in communication leading to the severing of ties and relationships. We can also see that the earth worm has been torn asunder; this is not a clean cut but a jagged and messy wound which will take a long time to heal. This is a deep betrayal driven by spite and pettiness leading to loss and defeat. It seems that in our need to win or be right we have become our own worst enemy and quite literally ‘cut off our nose to spite our face’.

The Five of Swords can also point to self destructive behaviour and thoughts. Instead of cutting and aggressive language and communication being directed at another, perhaps we have turned this on ourselves in a self sabotaging, critical diatribe which leaves us cowed and bludgeoned into submission. Examine your self-talk and choices to see if you are indeed betraying yourself and being your own worst enemy.

wild {unknown} friday

The Two of Cups signals the beginning of something new. This has the possible potential to develop into something life changing but for now it is early days so nothing is guaranteed. It can be a new relationship, friendship, reconciliation or creative project. It could even be a new way of thinking or an alternative perspective on life. If allowed to gently unfold in it’s own way, it may evolve into something beautiful.

wild {unknown} friday

The Fool shows up when we are about to embark on a new adventure. This will require a leap of faith, and a step into the unknown. We will be called upon to trust that this adventure will take us where we need to go in life, even though to our rational brains what we are contemplating seems risky or even plain reckless.

The energy of The Fool card is all about the pure possibility and potential of the moment. We can stay safe by not stepping off the precipice into the unknown, but that way we will never fully immerse ourselves in all that life has to offer. This card is a call to trust in the Universe to support you….it truly is a step into The Wild Unknown!

“Leap and the net will appear”