wild {unknown} friday

This is a truly beautiful card, randomly drawn for the upcoming week. Stars have always been associated with hope, wishes, magic and inspiration and this card is no exception!
A star is a glowing beacon of hope, shining with its message of faith and trust and present in even the darkest night. It is our promise of a better future whatever the circumstances of the past. It is a time to pay close attention to the still small voice within and be open to new growth and ideas. Make sure you prioritise spiritual development…..it will be vitally important for your personal transformation.
The Star symbolises a guiding light, like your own personal GPS which will never see you wrong. The Star in a reading indicates a renewed sense of self esteem and belief; trust yourself and never forget who you are and what you desire. Never again abandon yourself. 
When you wish upon a star your dreams come true…..so goes the song which associates this heavenly body with magic, inspiration and hope. In order to reach this place of enchantment it is necessary to believe that it is possible. Be prepared to shine brightly and radiate your star quality. You may have a talent or gift which you have been blessed with, so know that the world needs your light and allow it to shine far and wide. 
There is hope in the darkness and light at the end of the tunnel, and The Star is a good omen marking something special. Wishes really do have the potential to come true if you embark on a spiritual journey bringing greater meaning and purpose into your life. 
Follow your own North Star and connect with its uplifting message of optimism, hope and magic.
Until next week….
Caro Tarot💛