wild {unknown} friday

This weeks randomly drawn card is The High Priestess from the Wild Unknown Tarot.

This cards theme is all about connecting to the intuition, dreams and mysteries. The tiger is pictured against a night sky with a crescent moon illuminating the darkness. Between her paws there is an orb or sphere swirling with colours of blue and purple. These are considered colours of the intuition and spiritual receptivity. The tiger has a relaxed posture, suggesting that she has complete confidence in her intuitive hunches. She knows how to be immersed in the world of visions, mystery and the psyche without being overwhelmed.

This is also a time when a vast ocean of creative potential can burst forth. She is alive and inspired, and aware that the only thing limiting her vast potential is her own negative thoughts and behaviour. This simple realisation unleashes her creativity like a wild fire which rages in her wake and adds a sense of aliveness and inspiration.

She trusts completely in the divine plan and direction without anxiety, doubt or fear. All which occurs is part of the divine perfection playing out in her life.