Autumn Equinox

The Autumn Equinox or Mabon falls on the 23rd September this year. At this time of year the harvest is gathered and complete, and preparations are well under way for Winter.

Traditionally at Harvest Festival we give thanks and recognition for all the fruits of our labours. The Goddess is Harvest Queen, resplendent in each ripe blackberry, and filling barns and larders with her treasure. Because our supermarket shelves are always full with produce in modern times, it is easy to forget the crucial importance of the harvest.

Preserving of all types is highlighted – although Autumn is a time of bounty, this abundance has to see us through the winter. So forage for blackberries and elderberries and fill your larder with jars of homemade pickles and jam.

The Equinox is also a time of balance, but in the Autumn the dark is gaining. This is therefore a period for clearing and getting rid of anything past it’s sell by date, to make space for contemplation and going within. Plan how to spend the quiet winter evenings… is an ideal time to savour the peace, and maybe make room in your life to dream, or learn about any subject…..especially yourself.

wild {unknown} friday

When The World Card comes up, it is usually signifying the end of a major life cycle, and the beginning of something new. It also talks about accomplishment and achievement, and the need to overcome obstacles and challenges to reach the end goal. All these experiences have made you stronger and wiser, and now you are in the perfect place to move on to the next stage of your life.

It also reminds us that our life and experiences are created from the inside out. First we must be able to visualise what we want to create, and then we can bring it into being in the tangible world. This is why it’s vital to keep our thoughts positive and uplifted as much as we can.

As within so without.

As above so below.

wild {unknown} friday

Often, when we can’t see properly we can start to imagine all kinds of frightening situations. When we only have the shadowy light of the moon to illuminate our path, our fears can start to take on disproportionately scary guises. In the light of day these shadows can be seen for what they really are and cut down to size. Don’t let your fear take charge this week.

wild {unknown} friday

This week’s card, The Empress is a beautiful, bountiful card. It asks us to consider if we are nourishing ourselves on a regular basis? Are we doing the things which will empower us to create and sustain the important things in our lives. In order to be strong and abundant we are required to attend to the three main areas of body, mind and spirit. These must be stoked in a positive way to ensure that we are strong and able to squeeze all the juice out of life. Ask yourself if your perpetual daily habits are moving you nearer or further away from the strength and empowerment you seek?