wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly drawn card is The Hanged Man, which depicts a bat hanging upside down, protectively cocooned by her shawl like wings, and with eyes glowing like red hot coals in the darkness. When this card turns up it is describing a time when we may feel that we are in limbo or suspense. It can be a period of forced withdrawal and retreat, or we may choose to take some time out to rest and let go, in order to regain our strength before launching ourselves back into the world.

One thing is certain however; we will emerge from this phase of our life seeing things very differently, often gaining wisdom or knowledge and a fresh perspective which can yield unexpected rewards when we again join the melee of our regular life. 

The symbolism of the bat used in this card literally flips everything on it’s head, so if you are grappling with a baffling situation try to use this metaphor to see things completely differently to your habitual way of thinking.

If this slow down in your life is enforced rather than chosen it can be frustrating to say the least! Here we have a choice…..either to rail against this time of limbo, being dragged kicking and screaming to a place of surrender and letting go. Or, we could take advantage of the fact that life has slowed down, surrender control, and see what we can learn from looking at everything differently in this topsy turvy world.

Until next week,

Caro Tarot💛