wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly selected card is the Four of Pentacles. It is a card which shows a strong sense of order, stability and security. 
If you notice, the four pentacles are positioned in a diamond shape and look as if they are held in place by a system of ropes or pulleys. The diamond is one of the hardest materials known to man, and so this reinforces the idea of the solidity, strength and rigidity which is inherent within this card. 
The ropes that bind the pentacles together also have a symbolic reference. They depict an intricately intertwined system which is organised, integrated and efficient. However it is also very restrictive and orderly, and some might say bordering on too controlling and lacking in any kind of spontaneity. This system literally works like the ‘cogs of a well oiled machine’ with slow and steady progress and a sense of everything being in it’s place. Sometimes though it is necessary to break the mould if we are becoming too rigid and stubborn in our approach to life. It is all too easy to become fixed and stuck in our ways for better or worse.  
There comes a time when the best results are achieved when we allow ourselves to ‘think outside the box’ or allow the fresh winds of spontaneity to blow through our lives and shake things up a bit. 
Worldly possessions can provide security and stability but we can also become trapped within the desire for them. It is completely natural to feel a need for security and protection but sometimes this can spill over into clinging to ideas, belongings and behaviours in the belief that this way we can maintain control within our lives. 
The inevitable truth is that change is one of the constants in our lives and it is impossible to micromanage everything……some things are quite simply out of our hands. 
It is therefore essential to find a balance between preserving the things we value, but also being open to the natural ebb and flow which is just as much a part of life. If we are able to relinquish some control and open up to a sense of trust in the process, then life can flow so much more easily.
Until next week,
Caro Tarot💛