wild {unknown} friday

Are you finding it impossible to make a decision this week? It’s as if you’ve mentally made a list of the pros and cons, but reached a stalemate as you can see advantages and disadvantages for both sides of the argument. It seems as if you just can’t get sufficient clarity on the subject to feel confident either way, and confusion reigns supreme. It’s that unenviable situation where you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. Instead of using logic and the rational mind to attempt to work out the best way forward, turn this dilemma over to your heart. What feels right? Follow this!

wild {unknown} friday

This week, amazing things might be right under your nose, but you’re just not seeing them. You might even feel bored and disillusioned with life, even though those on the outside looking in may feel quite envious of what you seem to have. Maybe over time you have grown nonchalant, bored and unappreciative of all the good in your life? Today would be a good opportunity to remind yourself how much you have to be grateful for.

wild {unknown} friday

 The card I drew today from The Wild Unknown is the Six of Cups. This card seems to hark back to a much richer and rosier past. The tangle of multicoloured roots seem to suggest that when we look back with nostalgia, things seem more vibrant and exciting. 

However, when we don our rose tinted specs sometimes we can have a distorted and skewed vision of what came before, making the present seem dull and lack lustre in comparison. Especially if we had a happy and contented early life, it can seem as if some of the shine is being taken off as we age. Nothing seems as fresh or new anymore and we become jaded and cynical. 

However, what we must remember is that all any of us has is the “now”, and if we spend all our time wishing to be transported back to a magical and mythical time of the past, we are in danger of completely missing our present and future.

Of course it’s great to look back on the happy memories of the past; just not so great if we get trapped there and waste the opportunity to make more awesome memories in the here and now.
If after careful and realistic consideration you genuinely believe that all your best times are behind you, then it’s time to reintegrate some of the people, places and activities that used to bring you joy!

Think about some of your former passions and how you can reincorporate them into your life today. Start making new memories that you can look back on with warm, fuzzy feelings in years to come.
Until next week
Caro Tarot💛

wild {unknown} friday

  This weeks randomly selected card is Judgement from The Wild Unknown deck.
What looks like a beautiful white dove hovers at the top of the card, emanating rays of light.

Below the dove, black coloured birds or even bats rise up towards the outstretched wings of the almost angelic looking presence. 
There is an overwhelming feeling of peace, freedom and redemption contained within this card as the birds appear to emerge from the tangled mass of darkness and heed the call from above. 
This week it is time to heed this call in our own lives. The time has come to leave behind the difficulties and disappointments of the past and move forwards towards a more promising and uplifting future. 
Anything that is holding you back from making peace with yourself and others can now be gently released into the light. Even if there are regrets and mistakes in your past that you have struggled to let go of, the Judgement card signals that you are forgiven and accepted into the protection and safety of a higher power (whatever this means to you). 
Any sense of not deserving or being worthy of freedom, peace of mind and redemption are utterly false. The dove on this card says that everyone is forgiven and free to rise up into this magical place of peace, love and wisdom. The dove makes no judgement and welcomes all comers with the same open arms (wings).
The slate is wiped clean and we are free to break free from the murky recesses of the past and begin again….clean, purified and absolved.

wild {unknown} friday

  The randomly selected card for the upcoming week is the Mother of Wands from The Wild Unknown deck.This card could relate to an actual person taking centre stage in your life this week; or equally it may be describing you, or alternatively the qualities and energy you need to bring to the table to get the best results from events and situations this week.

So, the first thing which springs to mind when I look at this card is how fiercely protective the mother snake appears as she closely guards the nest containing her eggs. Her body is coiled all around them ensuring that predators will have a hard time penetrating her defences. Snakes can also strike in a millisecond if threatened and will stand their ground in a conflict and bravely face an enemy. For these reasons this character is dangerous when provoked and certainly not the kind of person you want to get on the wrong side of!

Individuals with a strong connection to snake energy can often be extremely charming, mystifying and charismatic. Although they love, and seek out warmth and light, and often positively crave attention, fame or recognition, they may also be difficult to get to know emotionally and carefully control their public persona and the face they show to the world. They can be extremely loyal and generous to those who are admitted to their inner sanctum, but only after you have proved to them that you are worthy of their trust.

Because of the association with transformation which snakes hold by the shedding of their skin, it could also indicate a person who has survived much trauma in their life and through this become extremely strong and resilient. People who identify with the symbolism of the snake may be stubborn and fiercely independent. They have had to walk their own path so do not take kindly to attempts to control or manipulate and will go their own way no matter what. They can be the most loyal, protective person you could ever wish to meet, or on the other side of the coin if you cross them you could find yourself being swallowed whole for breakfast!